August 29, 2007

Interactive Card Catalog

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Hey all. If you are like most people, you are connected to the internet for news, work or entertainment. Well, I spend good time deciding which links to put on my site, based on these criteria such as quality and entertainment value of the information provided. Hopefully you will take the time to browse through the links to determine which can enhance your understanding and enjoyment of this life. Oh, and behind one of the links is a yummy piece of chocolate or a new iPhone.

This post is designed to provide you with more information on some of the links I already have in that column to the right, although a few words more of detail are provided if you move your cursor over the link. Go ahead try it, and for those of you new to computing – yes I am a magical wizard who can create floating messages, please post a comment if you would like to donate money or souls, but please do not send anymore self-made Dick Cheney voodoo dolls, as I have enough already. Apparently Star Wars Darth Vader character was based on Dick. Anyway…


Word press: This link is automatically placed here when I started this wordpress blog. The service could be better, but it has me online posting articles for free (tax payer dollars used, not included). Not a bad deal. Heck, I didn’t even give them my real name, they think I am Alfred E. Newman at 1 Main Street Boca Raton. Shhh, it will be out secret. Click this link if you want to write too. Don’t be afraid, – one of us!


ThinkGeek: Cool gifts for cool nerdy people. Please send me some caffeinated soap for the next holiday. My brother suggests you send me any soap whatsoever, but you know how big brothers get. I think 1984 was about an evil Big Brother.


Consumerist: Great site whose purpose is to help you not get fucked when you buy something. Excellent tips and news regarding on how to be a knowledgeable consumer can save you lots of money and grief. How to find bargains, save money, and protect yourself from scams are just a few areas in which this copious site helps.


Strange new products: Just like it sounds. Also a good idea for a good gift. I mean that sending the link to someone is a good gift, not actually buying anything. I recommend creating gifts, like poems, rather than buying them. (caffeinated soap excepted).


Get your war on!: New York style angry sarcasm can be so beautiful and poetic. Yo, Operation End this War is in the Motherfucking House!


Noam Chomsky: A true political expert, the Bill James of politics. And if you do not know who Bill James is, he is the Noam Chomsky of Baseball.

“Noam Chomsky . . . is a major scholarly resource. Not to have read [him] is to court genuine ignorance.”
The Nation

“Arguably the most important intellectual alive.”
The New York Times

“With relentless logic, Chomsky bids us to listen closely to what our leaders tell us–and to discern what they are leaving out…The questions Chomsky raises will eventually have to be answered. Agree with him or not, we lose out by not listening.”
Business Week


Pandora: Cool internet radio that plays the types of music you want to hear, without interruption. What radio should have been, from the beginning.


PlookyPlok: My brother is exceptionally witty and intellectual, with a knack for finding obscure and interesting sites. This site got me to find this video clip, and also might have the yummy chocolate:


Too Much Coffee Man: Superhero comic strip, TMCM vows to save the world in the morning, but crashes by noon. Philosophy and humor are a great motivator in life, unless there is no point anyway.


ACLU: Fights strongly for American freedoms. They are nonprofit and rely on donations.


Anonymous Liberal: This past week has posted: the briefs for upcoming December supreme court case on habeas corpus; comparison of US detainee policies (claimed to be oppressive due to terrorism) to that of Israel (facing actual ongoing terrorist threats); and other important news like attorney generals n’ stuff. If you spend your night with one anonymous stranger, make it this one.


Common dreams: excellent start to reading current news. Through this portal, you will have access to many newspapers, US and international; weeklies; government publications; and more. If you want to see how Chinese papers are reporting the Iraq war, or federal budgetary items, or your daughter’s local paper in Seattle – this is the place.


EFF: ACLU for electronic rights. Extremely important organization in the vastly important struggle to keep our online rights. A donation to this cause makes a great Christmas gift! And may just save your internet.


Fark: My homepage to begin my daily news reading, along with the NYTimes. Run by a Republican who gathers news items from all over the world and posts them with hilarious links. The last link, to pick one at random:

Man unable to escape after breaking into Harry Houdini Museum”. Oh the irony.


Glenn Greenwald: Does excellent political commentary work. His analysis and news gathering is supreme.


Michael Moore: You don’t know who he is? Well he is one of us, who sacrificed everything to become a journalist. Maxed out his credit cards and slept on floors to make ‘Roger and Me’ 20 years ago. The rest is history.

One Good Move: Has good clips from Daily Show and Keith Olbermann show. I like the funny satirical news haha haha. More ice cream!


This Modern World: I have been a regular reader of this political comic for over 15 years. All the comics are archived on this site, and are still relevant today. If you like political cartoons, you will love this site. If you do not like political cartoons , you will love this site.


ZNet: You think the TV and NYTimes is too liberal, then you haven’t read news on this site. Power to the people!



APBR Metrics: Where the Basketball intellectuals hang out and chat.

Baseball reference: I go to this site like I am addicted, because I am. If you like baseball stats, take a quick look and never come out again.


Baseball Think Factory: Lots of baseball news and arguments. If you thought soccer fans are the biggest assholes, think again.

Retrosheet: Attempting to recreate every baseball game ever played. A great reference tool for those writing seriously about baseball.

Soul of baseball: The blog of journalist Podnanski, created to advertise his book, but became more than that. He is on a sabbatical as he writes his new book, rumored to be about the Big Red Machine, Reds of the mid 70’s. Oh yeah, his favorite player is Duane Kuiper.

Sports Law Blog: Good site to spur thought about Sports Law. Like you need something to spur you to think about sports law.

Urban Shocker: A guy who is passionate about baseball and writes well about it. His work has been featured in SABR journals, and he writes here just for fun. An expert on Dominican baseball players.

That’s it, for now. I will continue to add links as I see worthy sites. Please feel free to share your own link recommendations.





















  1. This is very cool Skeppy, and I hope you will add more as you become aware of them.

    Free time is an oxymoron to a city dwelling parent like myself, so I take suggestions seriously from people that I trust. Well, I don’t really trust anybody these days, but your website makes me laugh. (It would also anger me to righteous indignation towards the powers that be, but I’m already there)

    Comment by John Henry Johnson Henryson — August 29, 2007 @ 8:21 pm

  2. Nice work.

    I second the ones that I already know and endeavour to check out the rest.

    Comment by Michelle Shockanawe — August 29, 2007 @ 8:23 pm

  3. How do we know you’re not really Too Much Coffee Man scheming to direct more hits to your site?

    What do you say to that Mr. Greenwald…or should I say Mr. Moore…or should I say Mr. Chomsky…

    Comment by Norman, just call me Norman — August 29, 2007 @ 8:25 pm

  4. Wow – I especially dig Fark.

    From now on, I’m going to start my morning saying ‘Oh Fark’

    Comment by Vernon Rapp — August 29, 2007 @ 8:28 pm

  5. Thanks for the link, brethren.

    Remember kids – Urbanshocker says ‘for giggles and shits, SkeptiSys is tits, with news tidbits and wits to give you fits. You know you need to gits the man some hits while you sits. If you don’t it’s the pits’

    Comment by urbanshocker — August 29, 2007 @ 8:33 pm

  6. Hi, thanks for all the comments and poem.
    Norman, I am not TMCM – but I certainly share some of his ‘superpowers’. As far as I can tell, the people who run all of these sites do so because they have a passion for what they do. I am not an expert on the profit part of blogging, but I guess Fark would be the upper limit, as they are the most popular of the sites I linked (1.5mil hits/day). According to the owner of the site, he makes $60k annually.

    Comment by skeptisys — August 30, 2007 @ 3:17 pm

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