August 31, 2007

Labor Weekend

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This weekend is ‘Labor Day weekend’, and I wish the best for all workers around the globe. From children working in sweatshops for WalMart quality clothes, to Doctors filling out endless insurance forms, here is to you! I also want to give a shout out to those workers whose efforts I don’t always support, but they always risk the possibility of being shot in the face at anytime. Yes, I mean Policemen and Dick Cheney’s close friends.

I wanted to share with you readers, some interesting news items I have been recently reading, for my latest post:

Some local political candidate, Christopher Knight, created his own video to help his candidacy. He was surprised when he found that Viacom used his video, without requesting permission, on their VH1 channel. So Chris copied the clip off of VH1, and posted it to YouTube to show what was stolen. Then Viacom cried ‘copyright infringement!. You stole from us what we stole from you, or something.’

Viacom steals then cries thief.

If you have not been following the recent major struggles involving the RIAA, all the information you could possibly need is in the link at the bottom of this paragraph. In brief, the top recording companies belong to a ‘trade group’ called the RIAA who work to create and protect profits for the industry. One manner they use for profit is the intimidation of people who may possibly have been engaged in copying music files into giving them exorbitant amounts of money. The information used to coerce these people into paying or go to court, are highly questionable, and they have sued most likely innocent people – including very old ladies who don’t use the computer and kids as young as 12. Because of this long struggle, I boycott all music from these companies.

RIAA music cartel

How much caffeine does your soft drink, soda, pop have? Look at this chart to find out.

Caffeine content of soft drinks

Diet Coke has more than Diet Pepsi?(error corrected) You are better off going to thinkgeek and buying caffeinated water.

Read the rude pundit, if you dare. Today’s article begins…” George W. Bush is a terrible human being, and the world would have been better off if he had died in a drunk driving accident back in the 1970s…” Then the cursing starts.

This government has engaged in illegal wiretapping of its own citizens, against the will of the people and the freedom that is the backbone of America. All 3 branches of the government are in collusion with this: Republican, Democrat, and Corporate. The people, through EFF, has sued AT&T and Verizon for their part in wiretapping their users (for a surcharge, I am guessing), and the DOJ is fighting to protect the companies. No surprise there, but it is infuriating to see, and underscores the importance of all of our efforts.

Verizon is part of the Bush administration, or is it the other way around

I am still trying to memorize everything in this website.


Homosexuals can now marry in Iowa.

This just in, it takes 11 years to figure out to fix a lottery. (joking) “They should tax people who are bad at math. Oh wait, they do – the lottery.” Emo Phillips

Lottery winners again.

Larry Craig, the latest Republican politician gay sex scandal participant, has been the star of audio interrogation all over the news today. As much as I dislike this guy’s policies and hate his hypocrisy, I am not sure he is guilty. I do believe now that the policeman’s many arrests for similar type actions in bathrooms reek of a pattern of entrapment. Also, if you believe the cop’s version completely (and I think policemen always lie, other than those reading my website or anyone they know) then the entire ‘proof’ of guilt is: 1) Craig’s foot touched the officers in the next stall; 2) Craig tried to look through the spaces into the cops’ stall; and 3) Craig used his left hand to rub the bottom of the stall dividers. Ew, wash your hands dirty senator. Exactly which part is illegal? Or is it the combination? At most, it can be construed that he was looking for sex. How can it be illegal to ask for sex from a potentially consenting adults, even if it is in a creepy way?

A policeman and a Senator walk into a bathroom…


  1. Wait – doesn’t it say Pepsi has more than Coke? Maybe people with hillbilly names need help reading your blog.

    I can’t decide if my favorite part of today’s post is the Emo Phillips joke, or the Viacom / Knight story.

    The recording industry is full of scum. Believe me, I work in it. It’s so easy these days to get music for free, that the historic structure of the business has been destroyed & these fat cats are just trying to hold on to their accustomed income. You want to know what their big plan is to survive into the future…ring tones! For people like me that grew up listening to entire albums, rolling joints on the gatefold cover with lyrics, this is blasphemy. Let the bastards fall.

    Comment by Jerry Don Gleaton — August 31, 2007 @ 4:57 pm

  2. You are correct, sir. What I meant is that Diet Coke has more caffeine than Diet Pepsi, but Pepsi has more than Coke, and Pepsi One has a large amount.
    Good question, I wonder what the kids of today roll their joints on. CD cases were small enough, but if you try it on a MP3 you probably had enough anyway.
    I am predicting that the struggles seen with the record industry, due to people realizing they are extraneous, are a precursor for what we will see with the health insurance industry. Following the RIAA situation, it is encouraging to see the public learning and even willingly supporting the cause, leading to a higher % of cases won by the defendants, and more people willing to fight.

    Comment by skeptisys — September 2, 2007 @ 3:27 pm

  3. Hi, i’ve got pics of my new emo haircut

    Comment by emoboy — October 22, 2008 @ 3:20 pm

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