September 5, 2007

Jack & Yoo, Off the record

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The Bush administration has pushed the envelope of right-wing extremism in this country. Up to now, we have only seen small parts of this deranged asylum, due to the unprecedented secrecy in which this dangerously wacko administration has run. We do, however, get samples of how far out their actions are, when former members of this right-wing cult themselves feel that enough is enough. I mean, I thought John Ashcroft was as nutsy as any member of a kooky religious cult. (As a small example, one of his first actions after taking office was to cover up semi-nude statues in government buildings that signified justice. How metaphorical.) But even Ashcroft, while lying weak on a hospital bed, was willing to resign his position rather than support decisions by the administration, because they were too extreme.

Another member of this right-wing psychiatric sect is Jack Goldsmith, who was an attorney in the Department of Justice and good friend of John Yoo (who wrote many legal opinions for the president, including those providing legal exception to the administration’s torture and wiretapping activities), until he resigned because he could not support the Administration’s extreme actions concerning torture.

Jack Goldsmith has written a book that partially describes the criminal inner-workings of the Bush gang. A preview of that book is provided in an interview Goldsmith conducted with the New York Times, released in the Sept 9 New York Times Magazine. I recommend reading the full article here.

As a taste, here is how the DOJ is described in the article:

“… the office has two important powers: the power to put a brake on aggressive presidential action by saying no and, conversely, the power to dispense what Goldsmith calls “free get-out-of jail cards” by saying yes. Its opinions, he writes in his book, are the equivalent of “an advance pardon” for actions taken at the fuzzy edges of criminal laws. “

When the DOJ did not go far enough in supporting illegal activities, they were threatened and pushed until they had no choice but resign or go further than their already corrupt brain would take them It really is a fascinating tale.


  1. Fascinating is the right word for it. Though I generally sympathize with them, I’m so tired of the knee jerk “Bush Sucks” crowd who can’t articulate a single reason why his administration sucks other than “War is bad”.

    This, on the other hand, focuses in on real people and real issues to make the point much more powerfully. It’s not fluffy, and it’s a bit long, but I second your recommendation that it really should be read in it’s entirety.

    As SkeptiSys’ synopsis makes clear, this is not piling on from the left, rather more damning criticism of the administration from a voice that was once a part of it. Put in the time, and you’ll come out with a better grasp of the gravity of the situation. I know I sure did.

    Comment by LeRoy Paige — September 5, 2007 @ 8:45 pm

  2. Thanks LeRoy,
    I am also bothered when people simply react without thinking, particularly since the multi-billion dollar ad campaigns are designed to get people to react a certain way, usually the opposite of the people’s best interests. Thinking is patriotic.
    To get an idea of how far the country has moved to the ‘right’ in just 30 years, one of the architects of the Nixon administration, John Dean has openly criticized the president, even calling for his impeachment.

    Comment by skeptisys — September 6, 2007 @ 3:32 pm

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