February 26, 2008

Hey! Hey! Hey! Rerun!

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Those of you old enough may recognize the title quote from the TV show, “What’s Happening.” This post contains brief tidbits of interesting things happening around the world.

1. In this video, a romantic man proposes to a woman in front of abut 20,000 NBA fans. She shatters his heart in 3….2….1…

I feel bad for him too, but he did embarrass her in front of 20,000 people (plus many more on the internet). Why would she want to spend 1 more minute with him, let alone the 3 years until she files for divorce.

2. The lowest Presidential approval rating since the poll started in 1938 was Harry Truman at 23%. Until now. Bush the Younger’s latest poll reflects 19% approval, making him the least liked president of the last 70 years. Well deserved.

3. Commerce Bank accidentally transfers millions of dollars to wrong account, then has the man who owns the account arrested after he withdraws the money. Hilarious hijinks ensue.

4. I am a fan of reading about law, particularly Supreme Court decisions. Some guy put a tremendous amount of United States Supreme Court decisions online here. Now I know why some Judges give wacky draconian sentences like 4 life terms. It is the only way someone will have time to read all this great material. If you want to read all Clarence Thomas’ opinions, a few minutes is all you need.

5. Enhance your emails with adorable kittie, doing adorable things. Cute kitties can soften any harsh message. Consider this, and tell me which is a more pleasant: email A or B.

A. I am sorry I gave you Gonorrhea.

B. I am sorry I gave you Gonorrhea.


To me it is obvious. There are many cat pictures with captions at I can has cheezburger.

6. In America, horrible drug laws enforced by the DEA have brought large prison sentences for citizens accused of nothing more than possessing marijuana. Property (cars, boats, etc) of those arrested can be seized and sold by the government, even if the suspect is never charged. In Denmark, the policies are decided by the public and enforced by the medical community – so the laws support, protect, and enhance public health, in direct contrast to current American drug laws.

The Copenhagen Post is reporting today that heroin will be available to the public through prescription to addicts to ease the horrible withdrawal effects, based on the success of the type of program in other countries.

“Final resistance to the idea of prescription heroin eroded after a National Board of Health report concluded recently that similar programmes in other countries had been successful. ” Quoted from the article.

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