March 14, 2008

Aw, they are so cute when they struggle

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When I recently obtained a new phone number, I wanted to make sure this new phone number would be private. I told the phone company that I want my new number unlisted. They said, “ok”. I said, “I also want it: unregistered; untransfered; unsold; unbought; unmerged; unanalyzed; not improperly stored; concealed; undisclosed; and top secret classified. They assured me they understood. Again I made sure, being polite because I am sure they were exasperated.

My first call on my new private number just minutes after it was set up was… a computerized telemarketer. Someone else had the phone number before. When he had my number, he apparently asked the phone company for extra-listed.


  1. Wow, extra listed… you’re gonna be like family to the telemarketers!

    By the way, this is a cool blog.

    Love the pictures!
    Keep up the good work.

    Comment by Alice — March 16, 2008 @ 6:02 am

  2. Thanks, Alice! Pretty soon the donotcall registry takes effect on my line, and I will have to live without knowing about new mortgage deals and time share vacations.

    Comment by skeptisys — March 17, 2008 @ 9:02 am

  3. Good for you!

    But what if you get lonely?
    You should find the number of a few telemarketers, just in case, so you can bother them on Sunday mornings…

    Comment by Alice — March 19, 2008 @ 2:11 pm

  4. Lol, that would be nice, Alice. I was wondering if I could get a list of ‘suckers’, those who buy from telemarketers, and put them on the donotcall registry.
    For fun, you can ‘tarpit’ the telemarketer:

    Comment by skeptisys — March 20, 2008 @ 8:48 am

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