March 22, 2008

Romance, then and again

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Top 10 sexual adventures, by age.

Males, age 21:

  1. back seat of the car
  2. front seat of the car
  3. trunk of the car
  4. backstage of a concert
  5. in the concert audience
  6. in grocery isle six, next to the taco kits
  7. with your friend Vanessa
  8. with his friends Todd, Butch, Steve, Luis, Angel, and Stubby
  9. In front of a video camera
  10. Right here, right now!

Males, age 41

  1. In bed with at least one pillow under his head, one arms length away from any remote

Females, age 41

  1. in the elevator
  2. on the beach
  3. in Paris
  4. in Italy
  5. on a cruise
  6. on the bed, with all remotes hidden
  7. with rose petals leading to bathtub
  8. next to candlelight
  9. anywhere that costs over $500 to get to
  10. anything with more than 3 hours of planning and $100 spent

Females, Age 21

  1. “I don’t know, what do you want to do?”



Comic is by  a site so cool and interesting that it makes it to my list of links over there on the right column.  No, other right.  You see where your mouse is?  Yes.  Yes, it’s that little roundish device that moves the cursor around.  Nobody is cursing, Mom, it’s ok.  How’s this?  I will go to the post office and mail you link.  Ok, love you too.


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    1. I’m not 41 yet, but my adventures involve finding a way to move the baby out of the center of the bed to give me access to my wife. Good thing everybody’s skinny.

      Comment by Nesby Glasgow — March 31, 2008 @ 12:29 pm

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