March 31, 2008

Opening Day, Yank it!

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shades of Yankee stadium

Today is the official Major League Baseball opening day for the 2008 season, one of the biggest American holidays.

Right now I am looking across the foggy Hudson River at the rain drenched Yankee Stadium, where the opening day baseball game between the New York Yankees and Toronto Blue Jays has just been canceled.   Many years ago I sat in that Yankee Stadium with my Dad, in the middle of a near race riot between loud Dominican Toronto Blue Jays fans and angry loud New York Yankee fans.

Back then, over a dozen years ago, the Blue Jays had become successful by pioneering the scouting and signing of world class Dominican baseball talent, like Tony Fernandez, Jorge Bell, and Juan Guzman.  New York has a large Dominican population, who all seemed to be at the ballpark that day… in one section… with many small, and one very large, Dominican flag, which they waived mightily in appreciation of anything a Dominican born Blue Jay did.   This actually made the game more enjoyable and was not bothering anybody, at least until the Blue Jays took the lead and the Yankee fans got drunker.  Pretty soon, my Dad and I found ourselves surrounded by drunk Yankee fans screaming, ‘Burn that flag! Burn that flag!”  Never a dull moment at Yankee stadium.


I recall sitting in  the left field stands long ago, also with my Dad in Yankee Stadium, while Sweet Lou Piniella used his glove, and part of his stocky body, to turn a routine single into a double.  An angry Yankee fan ran to the edge of the stands and yelled surely over 100 decibels, “Lou!  Loooo Piniella!  Looo F’n Piniella!  How dare you play for the greatest city in the world!!!”  I am certain Lou heard, but just turned his back.

sweet lou piniella yankee

My father recently passed away, and soon too will the old Yankee Stadium.   Major league baseball games are being broadcast today in high definition and baseball is beautiful in high definition. I recommend that everybody fill their pockets full of snacks and food, cracker jacks, peeps, and candy.  Fill your jacket with hogies, heros, hotdogs, and grinders.  Then go to your local mall or tv outlet and watch opening day games on their gigantic high definition sets.  Share your food with the salesmen and the other ‘customers’.  Security guards and Policemen also love to eat and watch opening day, so share with them.  Have a great time!  It’s F’n opening day!


Mrs. Lou Gerhig and Mrs. Babe Ruth


  1. Great post SkeptiSys-

    Can’t believe you were at the ‘burn that flag’ game. Remember it well from TV.

    I was as grown up as I’m ever going to get before I attended my first game at Yankee Stadium, but the place means a lot to me too. It’s a little tamer these days, but I nearly brought violence on myself just last August by cheering too loudly when Derek Jeter got drilled in the leg last August by Baltimore’s Erik Bedard. (Hey – Orioles hitters had been brushed back with impunity all series)

    If there’s any justice, the Pinstriped Menace will go 0-81 in the old ballyard this year…unless
    Edwar Ramirez can get a “w”.

    Comment by Allen Wigger — April 1, 2008 @ 1:22 pm

  2. Wow, I didn’t know the ‘burn that flag’ incident made TV. That video might have come in handy for someone, Allen Iverson in high school style.
    I am not a Jeter fan, even though he is a great player who will likely go into the Hall. It’s because everything he says sounds like corporate spin, dull and predictable, cleansed and self-censored. I miss stars like Bill Walton, who said ‘I don’t recognize this government, because it doesn’t represent the people’.
    Edwar Ramirez’s numbers from AA and AAA last season are just sick, like something Armando Benitez did in single A. No wonder they wanted to start Joba.

    Comment by skeptisys — April 1, 2008 @ 5:04 pm

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