April 3, 2008

Journal of Sexual Medicine reports on sexual behavior

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The Journal of Sexual Medicine reported in its latest issue (May 2008) that the best sex lasts between 3 and 13 minutes.  The median time was 7.3 minutes for the encounters they measured.  See source article.  To measure the events, the woman held a stop watch, seriously.  I have no idea how the man lasted 7 minutes with the sexy alluring image of a woman holding a stopwatch.  More arousing would be if the woman tapped the stopwatch, saying ‘tick tick tick’.


I guess the study had to involve only a man and a woman, because they did not include foreplay in the measurement at all.  So no lesbian intercourse, of course.  Also left out of the time analysis was the time it took to figure out how to stop the elevator between floors. So time measured was only from the male entering the female, to male orgasm.  Done.  Three minutes is optimal.  I know foreplay is very difficult to measure, but at least these penis marketing Doctors could have considered it.  What is the optimal time range from a woman attaining arousal to achieving orgasm?   Sorry, that is in the Journal of Men Don’t Wanna Hear About it, sponsored by Cialis.

This study will get sufficient media coverage because it will go into the list of medical journal articles that will be ‘randomly’ left on coffee tables, ‘accidentally’ emailed to a woman, or accidentally left on car windshields.  Others include the studies: swallowing semen makes the woman more intelligent, lowers blood pressure and risk of preeclampsia and happier.

I look forward to the next article from the Journal of Sexual Medicine.  I heard their next issue will contain a study on ‘the positive benefits to a woman by fetching her man a sandwich and letting him sleep after their optimal 3 minute sexual adventure’



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