April 9, 2008

Ad Art, beautiful inspired creative artistic ads

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condoms baby

With so much of new world advertisement trying to surreptitiously alter people’s way of thinking both consciously and subconsciously, it is refreshing to see ads that use beautiful artistic creative means of drawing our attention to their products.   Here are a few adverts that I found to be quite stunning.  Hope you enjoy!

glass cleaner advertisement

get a better job coffee machine worker

get a better job, washing machine

elevator splits man

steam coffee

soccer ball in building advertisement

3m security glass ad

creative ad

cnn ad burglar rob house night

shower man nude naked ad advertisement

tape billboard ad advertisement

Russian art painting drink alcohol vodka ad adverttruck beer ad advert advertisement large bottle

mini tv television small tiny tvguide read

paint creative ad cars drip

grave ad advertisement funeral

ad advertisement sleep post it reminder

ad advertisement car fast tree billboard

ad censor censorship tape mouth

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  1. Haha. These adverts are very creative and funny.
    ‘Life’s too short for the wrong job’ adverts make me realize how much I love my job, each program and every file on my office computer, lol

    Your post is also prompting the readers to take a quiz: if you look at the portraits of three men shown in Russian Vodka ad, can you identify them?

    Comment by Nikki — April 10, 2008 @ 10:21 pm

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