April 11, 2008

Electric cars are making a comeback

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George W. Bush and his dangerous criminal gang illegally invaded Iraq, killing hundreds of thousands of civilians, and thousands of young Americans, for 2 main reasons: to profit the military industry, and to profit the oil industry.  This point is widely understood outside of the United States, and even in America is accepted and documented regularly by the business community, as well as those who do not rely on mainstream corporate media for their information. The war is about corporate profit.

In both the oil and military industries, the Iraq war has been very successful for the Bush administration.  The military budget for the United States is higher than the rest of the world combined, and has began to heavily influence domestic life (an aspect so frightening that President Eisenhower warned us about this eventuality).  No end to the war is in sight, even though the people elected new representatives in 2006 elections for the main purpose of ending the war.  The people no longer have control over public policy, large industry does.

The oil industry’s success under the Bush administration can easily be seen by looking at Exxon Mobil, who has set record profits during a time when they and their industry are most despised.  At the same time, the United States Supreme Court is hearing a case to see if all fines will be dropped against Exxon Mobil for the horrendous oil spill in 1989, Exxon Valdez.  While many of the TV guided public inanely barks about OJ Simpson, this is a real example American travesty of justice.

Even more disturbing is that these ugly excesses in both industries are not needed.  For driving, electric cars have been available since the 1830’s.    Since the 1980’s people have been driving electric cars, whenever the government felt the pressure of the public.  For an excellent documentary on the electric car struggle, I recommend the film Who Killed the Electric Car?.

Well, the public is about to get another chance at electric cars.  Telsa Motors will be releasing a new all electric model this year, and it is already sold out.  The cost of this car is just under $100,000, a price which is expected to dramatically drop once mass production can begin.  Many other electric car manufacturers are planning to release products in the near future.

The other potential negatives to electric cars (like few recharge areas and low battery life) are expected to be resolved as the industry grows.  The positives are very strong: better for environment and human health; cheaper, easier, and cleaner upkeep; and the ability to give a big F U to the oil industry and their loyal employee, Bush.

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  1. Actually a rather good site electric cars and which had a directory of all electric cars ever made since the early 1800’s and also covers lot of information on how to build an electric car, including cost cutting measures and design tips, can be found on Frank Didik’s website at: In particular, check out the section entitled “How to Build an Electric Car”, “Didik Turtle or How to build a two person electric vehicle in 14 hours” and “Critical and accurate assessment of electric vehicles”. He is the first to truly mention the pro’s and con’s of electric cars. Many years ago, Didik was the found of the Electric Car Society.

    Comment by Roby — December 4, 2008 @ 4:43 pm

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