April 22, 2008

Children are the Niggers of the World

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messy kids ruin bad

I recently realized that it many ways I feel the same about children now as White racist southerners used (?) to feel about Black people.  You may also feel this way about kids.  Consider:

  1. I don’t want them to sit next to me in a restaurant or bus.  They are loud, messy, and smell bad.
  2. If they are in my family, I will reluctantly accept them, but expect them to be polite and courteous – and always refer to me as ‘sir’.  What I say goes.  No, I don’t want an argument, it’s curfew!
  3. No way would I let them vote!
  4. Sometimes they really need to be spanked, even if that isn’t much allowed anymore.
  5. They are always stealing my cookies.
  6. Women love them, and give them all their attention.  Occasionally they will take them into the next room and put a diaper on them.
  7. I want to send them to schools far away.
  8. They are always jumping around, playing ball, and dancing for no reason.
  9. Never had a job.  They all expect hand-outs.  Lazy bastards.
  10. I don’t understand a word they are saying.  It is like they make up their own language.
  11. No you can’t have a gun, but here’s a mop.
  12. I don’t understand their music.  It’s too loud and repetitive, but they seem to like jumping around to it.
  13. If I come home early, I catch my wife bathing with them.

Every child is our child, and all people are us.  We are all in this together.

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Black african-american KKKcool hair helicopter stylemessy mud muddy girl disgusting wash hands before coming in the house

Title refers to the famous John Lennon song, ‘Woman is the Nigger of the World‘.

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