April 29, 2008

Yo Mama is so fat, she didn’t get the job for which she was over-qualified

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fat lady circus Dolly Dimples Celesta Geyer

Massachusetts has a bill to make it illegal to discriminate against people based on height or weight.  If this bill passes to law, I plan to go to Massachusetts immediately – to apply for a job as fat lady in a circus, for which I am fully qualified, except for weight.

Clearly, obese people have had to face severe discrimination in America.   There is an inverse correlation between obesity and income – the fatter you are, the less you earn.  Only a few states currently have specific laws regarding discrimination in this area, so as of now you can legally lose a job based solely on your weight.

The 2 main arguments against passing this law are: 1) it would “be a ‘green light’ to be fat”; and 2) it will cost the public more for insurance.  These are, of course, poor arguments, but let’s look closer.

1) news reports that say this would be a bad law, because it is a “green light for being fat”.  Not true, it is in fact a bill to reduce discrimination.  This argument is actually stating that discrimination based on appearance or health is needed to avoid those issues.  No, surprisingly there are ways to solve problems without hurting people.  Starting social clubs around hikes and physical activity is one way.

2) Insurance prices are too high.  Obese people should not be the target of these claims.  Insurance costs have skyrocketed because those insurance companies have been making higher profits.  Everybody engages in risky activity, from driving cars to scuba diving to smoking and eating cake.  Our taxes should be paying for social causes like health, education, elderly and children, weak and disabled.  Instead that money goes to large rich corporations at the expense of health care and social programs. Even the bloated Military budget includes money to cake makers like Sara Lee.  If you care about health costs, tell your government representatives to stop giving that money to insurance and military companies.

There is less healthy food in America because unhealthy food is cheaper to produce. Stop blaming fat women and start blaming fat cats.

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