May 3, 2008

Top 10 comments by SkeptiSys’ loyal fans

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I awoke this morning already having finished half a cup of coffee, only slightly aware of where I was.  The fuzzy line between internet reality and classic reality (for lack of a better word) is becoming more blurred all the time.  Friends, ideas, and business deals found and shared on the internet are just as real as ever, and overlap frequently with ‘world classic’.  Computer trends appear to lean towards smaller more portable connectivity, which will blur this line even further in the near future.  Soon enough, we will be able to walk to a corner store and meet a friend from another side of the world – without either of us ever leaving our home towns. We will say, “I just bumped into Sun from Taiwan, who invited us to have dinner with her and Migwi from Kenya”

This new internet world is reality, but a blurred reality similar to Hunter S. Thompson’s Gonzo work.  It seems real, even more real that what we are used to – who cares if he never left his seat.  These were the thoughts running through my mind as I read through Kilroy’s The Gonzo Papers, a good fine website by a guy walking through this blurred internet world, embracing what and who he sees.  I have no idea how long I was reading his site (I used to use cigarettes to tell time, as in: ‘dinner will be ready in 2 cigarettes’.  Since I quit smoking, I have no concept of time).  You know, I do not even know if Kilroy exists or if he is a bot, but I like him and his site.    It was well worth the travel.

Then I started thinking about my own loyal friends from this world, or that.  They have been very nice to have shared kind words about me, and my website.  I want to share my top 10 compliments heard about me or my website.  Forgive me for bragging a little.

  1. “I guess the computer is plugged in.  It was you who set it up a few years ago.” – Mom of SkeptiSys, still looking for the site.
  2. “You know, it would be more romantic if you weren’t looking at the computer at the same time you said it” – girlfriend of SkeptiSys (ex)
  3. “How can I have called the wrong number, when you called me!?!”  – A loyal and passionate reader, via telephone
  4. “Yeah I love it!  Yeah its good!  Yeah don’t stop!” – well established adult film star, via Windows Media Player
  5. “Yeah sure it’s great – whatever you want, ok?  Where are your pants?”  – Anonymous man in elevator
  6. “I would like to call this website, ‘Exhibit A’, Your Honor” – Prestigious court employee
  7. “Did you say ‘Septic Piss’?” – Heathen non-believer
  8. “I love you, don’t go – really great guy!” – some drunk man in a Dublin pub (loosely transcribed)
  9. “You know what is the best website?  Trying to remember… Oh yeah, SkeptiSys!  SkeptiSys would know, he has a link to it on his site.” – overheard at a party.  …and now, drum roll Paul.
  10. “Do you think Bob Costas got to be where he is by living in his Mother’s house, typing in his bathrobe?!?” – Mom of SkeptiSys again.

Please keep these loving comments coming!

Brian\'s culture blog blurry ladies

Comic from xkcd – blurry women photo from Brian’s Culure Blog.


  1. Your good words are appreciated. Making a Human connection is, for me, the best thing about spending time in the blogosphere.

    This is a fun site. Should you be so inclined, I’d be happy to swap links and if you interested in such things I can pass along a referral or three.


    Comment by Kilroy_60 — May 3, 2008 @ 10:57 am

  2. I have been meaning to update my links to include sites I have enjoyed reading, and it is a pleasure to add yours. I appreciate all referrals and links!

    Comment by skeptisys — May 3, 2008 @ 12:35 pm

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