May 17, 2008

Jewelry with extra feeling: that ‘Perfect Gift’

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There are a couple of childhood events that helped shape my gift-giving techniques.  As a very young boy, I saved my allowance to buy my dear Mom a birthday present.  I went for the absolute best gift possible.  I chose a baseball glove.  Her reaction was just about what you would expect if your cute cat presented you with a dead bird at the front door. “Aw, how cute – gee thanks”

The other event involved a gift I received from my Brother, who had just spent all his money on my Birthday gift, but felt obligated to give me a present for the holidays.  So, he took 1 single penny, and wrapped it carefully in a small box.  He then took that box and wrapped it into a slightly larger box, then found a bigger box…  well eventually the gift was too large to carry.  After unsuccessfully guessing what was in the gigantic present (candy?  gigantic CB Radio and candy?), I excitedly tore it open, and was shocked to see the penny.

These 2 gifts, the inappropriate baseball mitt and a penny, were a couple of the best gifts ever given.  My Mom still has great happiness and joy as she tells the story of that glove, while forgetting many other ‘appropriate’ gifts.   Also, I have been fortunate to have received many fine gifts, but none makes me happier than the time I received that one penny.

So now, when I look for a gift, I look for these important elements:

  1. Unique or at least very different.
  2. Interesting and memorable.
  3. Personal connection.  Does the gift communicate personal feelings?
  4. Quality and beauty.

Looking for the perfect gift for yourself or someone else?    I found a gift place that encompasses all of these important elements.  I recently received jewelry from an excellent source, a website for ultra-creative and beautiful jewelry: Made With Molecules (link added to the blogroll).  This jewelry (and other products at Made With Molecules) are made with the structure of molecules and neurotransmitters, all designed and produced by the intelligent, creative, and friendly Dr. Raven Hanna, who also owns the business.

The personal messages contained in this jewelry are almost endless!   Consider the Serotonin necklace.  Scientific research has shown that an increase in Serotonin improves mood, and drugs like Prozac are intended for this purpose.  This is a gift of happiness.  Whenever the recipient looks or thinks of this piece, they will think of the happiness you gave them.

Or consider Dopamine, whose activity in the brain reflects excitability and intense pleasure.  Dopamine levels are affected by feelings of love and kissing, or alertness and concentration, or from drugs like Cocaine.  This gift can be a gift of love or happiness to someone who gives you intense pleasure.  That is a very special message.  Raven also has a dopamine love card.

Raven’s creative collection is extensive, including: chemical structures for caffeine and the active ingredient in chocolate and hot peppers; all the way to testosterone boxer shorts and glucose onesies for infants.  She also has a peptide peace holiday card that is just beautiful.

Another of Raven’s pleasant surprises was that the items I received from Made With Molecules were presented beautifully and creatively, with a nice card included to explain the molecular structure and activity. It was very easy to order and was shipped very quickly.

Made With Molecules has wonderful gift items, and is run by a top notch person, Dr. Raven Hanna.  I highly recommend her art to all.  Please check it out, you won’t be sorry.  As for me, I plan to go back for the neurotransmitter charm bracelet, as I know quite a few people that could use some GABA.

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