May 20, 2008

McCain, brought to you by…

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Bush McCain hug

Which companies will benefit most from a John McCain presidency?

In America, we have a Presidential election system that currently allows only  for large corporate sponsored candidates to be eligible for office.  This system is a disaster for the 95% plus of people and businesses that make up the ‘rest’ of America. When you vote for one of these candidates, you are voting for the companies he/she sponsors.

To challenge such a system, and allow a candidate of the people’s rights and freedoms, takes time, effort, and patience.  If more people supported Ralph Nader, instead of Gore in 2000 or Kerry in 2004 – we would be much further along today.  Instead, people (understandably) chose the attempted quick fix (and downgraded those with more of a vision), and we still had 8 years of Bush.

Here in 2008, we are faced with similar issues to prior elections.  Both Democratic and Republican parties have, or will, nominate a corporate sponsored candidate, while Nader runs with no fanfare.  Of course, there is a slight difference among corporate support and policies among candidates.   Nobody should have been surprised when Exxon and Haliburton received record profits after Bush was appointed President.

Like Bush, McCain is heavily corporate supported.  That point is obvious, even though he is hiding the sources of perhaps most of the money supporting his campaign (filtered through his wife).  But how well can we predict which companies will do best by a McCain presidency?  Pretty well, I think – considering we now know which companies support McCain lobbyists.  McCain Source published a list of 118 lobbyists running McCain’s campaign and raising money for his presidency.  This invaluable list includes sources, positions, and companies supported.  McCain is deep into these companies’ pockets – he basically works for them.

Based on the list of corporate sponsors, it appears McCain will continue Bush’s tradition of sacrificing small and mid-size business and social programs for a handful of large corporations.  Below is a list of the types of companies that McCain has specific close relationships with.

So many of the top American industry leaders are supported/represented by McCain lobbyists:

Gas/oil industry: Exxon, Shell, Chevron Texaco are all well represented.  Expect the gross profits to continue for these companies, should McCain become next president.

Military/pentagon: no surprise, this industry is very well represented.  Lockheed Martin and many others.  Expect more war throughout the next term, with McCain.

Insurance companies are heavily represented, of course.  Do not expect better or cheaper health care under McCain.

Telecommunications companies are all over this list.  If McCain is President, expect massive spying into American’s lives and complete control of the internet turned over to these companies.

Energy: PSE&G and others.  Right now, energy prices – like food and gas prices, are extremely high in America, becoming a horrible burden on people.  This is part of the new tax, money that has to be paid to the governing class to survive.

Mainstream media: CBS, NBC, etc.  No surprise.

Tobacco companies.  Yep, they are still here, and have McCain as a spokesman.

Many large Pharmaceutical Companies are here.

Guns, weapons, and NRA is also here.

Large bank entities are here, as well.  JP Morgan, CitiGroup, Fannie Mae, Charles Schwab,

Yes, expect more of the same from McCain, as we saw under Bush.  Higher taxes by way of food, gas, medical, insurance, and other soaring costs.  Lots of war and prisoners.  And more support for Mainstream Media and Telecom companies.  Bad news for the economy, health, science, internet users, and non-filthy rich people.

Yes, I want Ralph Nader to be president, but I can understand the feeling of urgency to avoid the continuation of horrible Bush policies under McCain.

mccain-and-bush eat cake New Orleans Katrina hurricaine FEMA ignore

Photos: top, McCain hugs Bush.  Bottom, Bush and McCain enjoy birthday cake together while New Orleans recovers from Hurricaine Katrina with no government support.

Both photos have numerous sources and I cannot determine original.

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