June 18, 2008

Keep fighting Telecommunications Immunity

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Steny Hoyer House Majority leader corporate employee

They’re back.   Most large American telecommunications companies acted with President Bush to spy illegally on American citizens in violation of the Constitution.   Since that was partially discovered, these corporations have worked with congress and the President to retroactively immunize those companies from any punishment or liability, including civil actions that have already been filed.  Glenn Greenwald has excellent updates on the latest relevant information at his site here.

ActBlue is raising money to fight these latest challenges to our Constitution.  You can give here to help fight against this new FISA law change and the over 20 Democratic representatives that are acting as paid or unpaid corporate employees.  ActBlue has already raised over $150,000 for this cause, and has in the past raised money for candidates such as Obama.  ActBlue appears to be a nonprofit company designed to provide the people with access to lobbyists to fight along side corporate lobbyists that currently run(?) the country.

The photo (from Politickermd) is of Steny Hoyer – House Majority leader and corporate employee/supporter.  He has been reported to be fighting to push across this new FISA act in support of his corporate leaders.  He also does an imressive Fred Gwynne impersonation.  ‘Er uh, yoots?’


  1. I’m a newshound. I read Chomsky and whatnot & I don’t walk the streets with my head up my butt.

    Yet, I wouldn’t even know about stuff like this if it wasn’t for Skeptisys.

    Now, if I only had some spare change for the cause. Spare change? WTF is that?

    Comment by Elmo Valo — July 25, 2008 @ 12:02 am

  2. Thanks for reading, Elmo – and for your compassion. This world needs more people who care about, and are willing to invest in, our long term future. Giving time and effort to help is better than money. People without any money have overcome slavery and military dictatorships in this world.

    Comment by skeptisys — August 3, 2008 @ 11:41 am

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