July 6, 2008

Eleven things I did on July 4 – American Independence Day

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Happy July 4th Independence Day, to all my fellow Americans.  Hopefully, you all had as enjoyable a holiday as I did.

  1. Had a large glorious BBQ with family and friends.  Personally, I stuffed many hot dogs, hamburgers, and rib-eye steaks into my patriotic pie hole while I was manning the grill.  Is ‘Manning’ sexist?  I was ‘personing’ the grill.  …the Super Bowl Champion NJ Giants, Eli Personing
  2. Made a pact with the vegetarians, I grilled them assorted fresh vegetables and they promise to help take care of me when I get mad-cow disease.  Suckers!  Now I only have to worry about e-coli and a million other life threatening illnesses made popular by industry deregulation.
  3. Played badminton on grass.   It was nothing like watching the Grateful Dead on grass.
  4. Talked about wearing an apron that said, “I have relish for your weenie!”
  5. Enjoyed myself at the grill by asking people to open their buns so I can shove my weenie in.
  6. Tied a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue.  My brother tied a string bean into a knot with his tongue, which seems more difficult and breakable – I didn’t try.
  7. Successfully named every starter for the 1969 Cubs (if you count Adolpho Phillips as a starter).
  8. Listened to everyone apologize for supporting Obama, now that he has turned against citizen’s Constitutional rights and into a corporate stooge.  Hopefully, he will learn his lesson over his own Independence Day get-together.
  9. Watched my dear old Mom be very happy – and smiled when she cranked up “Monkey Man” by Rolling Stones (see you tube link in intro).
  10. At the end of the long day, I read bedtime stories to my niece and nephew.
  11. Lay in my love’s arms, watching beautiful fireworks explode over the Hudson river.

Happy Independence Day, everyone! Remember to always fight for our freedoms and rights, and to keep your weenies away from Joey Chestnut‘s mouth.

hot dog eating contest Nathan\'s coney island

hot dog eating contest Nathan

Always cook your meat!

hot dog cooker men weenies

hot dog cooker men weenies

Hot dog cookers pic from Joe-KS.  Joey Chestnut hot dog contest photo from Daylife.

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  1. Keep your weiners away from Joey Chestnut indeed! The last time I saw that many weinies going down one man’s throat was back in my cub scout days.

    See, we used to have hot dog eating contests then, too.

    Comment by Plooky Plok — July 7, 2008 @ 3:12 pm

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