July 17, 2008

Obama Sponsored Bill is Anti-Women

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Barack Obama superman

Barack Obama superman

This post is part of another yet-unpublished article I wrote on Barack Obama that deserves to stand on its own.  I wanted to know Obama’s stance on Women’s rights and issues.  Where to look?  I figured everything he did and said over the past couple years is mainly to get elected President, so if I were to find the truth – I would need to find a Bill he sponsored before he ran for President.

And I found one, an Obama Illinois State Bill from 2003 that was glorified in the press as supremely Pro-Women.  So I read the Bill – every word.  What I found was that this Obama sponsored Bill is intentually harmful to Women who have been victims of discrimination.

Republican Neo-cons hate Woman’s rights. Abortion, equal rights, feminism – all of it.  The strongest example provided for Obama’s support of Woman’s rights, is the Illinois State Bill he sponsored in 2003, called the Equal Pay Act.  This Bill was and is touted as a strong Bill to provide equal pay to women for the same job, basically.

When I read the actual text of the Bill, I found something different and very disturbing.  The Bill is similar to prior laws in that it is illegal to discriminate due to sex and the victim can recover past due salary and legal fees.  Then it amazingly caps the punitive amount to be recovered at $2,500!  Prior to this Bill, if a woman was discriminated against by an employer, the company was libel for punitive damages accessed through civil court.  This Obama Bill caps that amount at $2,500 – regardless of the severity of the sex discrimination.  Here is the quote from the actual Bill drafted by Obama, section 30(c):

“Any employer who violates any provision of this Act
or any rule adopted under the Act is subject to a civil
penalty not to exceed $2,500 for each violation for each
employee affected.”

Claiming a Bill is for Women or children, when it actually is to save money for large companies who violate the law and their female employees, is true Neo-con Republican sliminess.  Sorry, Obama – you get a big evil Archie Bunker check when in comes to the ladies.

Photo from Vote for Breakfast.

Edit: Based on some of the hate mail I have received, the main point here seems to have missed a few Obama supporters.  Prior to this ‘Punitive Damages Cap Bill’ Obama introduced, if a woman was discrimnated against because of her sex – it would be illegal and she could sue for damages and unlimited punitive damages.  After this Bill, the same acts are illegal, but the victim can only receive up to $2,500 above damages.   This Bill saves companies money by reducing their payments to victims and having a lower negotiation settling point.  The Bill hurts women in the workplace because the drastic reduction in punishment makes discrimination occur more frequently, and more likely the victim will have to endure a lengthly case with less recovery.  This has been a long ongoing struggle by large companies to reduce the power of courts and juries to punish them for illegal acts, and they are fortunate to have Obama in their pockets – because he is a charming intellectual speaker.

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