July 24, 2008

Why not put your heads together and make an ass of yourselves?

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In the news this week, two complete idiots were in the position to spend over $500 million to help solve any world crisis they wanted.  These two dimwitted slobbering morons took a long look around the world we live in and decided that hungry starving children was not the main issue that required attention.

Helping all the world’s people killed or maimed through unnecessary wars also never occurred to these two blockheaded simpletons.  You may ask if curing or preventing cancer ever graced the lonely braincells sluggishly bouncing around the simple cretinous mongoloid heads of these two assholes?  Nope.

Perhaps AIDS or other debilitating disease was what these two pinheaded dopey shitforbrains schmucks had in their feeble mind?  Nope.  These two panty soiling nitwits, who have somehow become even stupider since their fathers shot them out of hairy sagging nutsacks could not even come up with an idea to sanitize the water supply in poor nations.

These two ignorant jackasses, who I wouldn’t trust to pass gas without giggling themselves into a coma, couldn’t come up with a way to get medicine and vaccines to poor people.  Why didn’t the nanny who changed their diapers and surely reminded these two to not spread their feces on the walls, also remind them about mad cow disease and other food issues?  Low infant mortality is a pressing issue around the world, unless you speak with these two nonfunctional braindead fuckups.

No, these morally poor, thought-deficient cunts decided that the #1 problem in the world, the one that they used their responsibility and over half a Billion dollars to help solve, is: to tell people that smoking is bad for them.

What a couple of stupid putzes.

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