September 28, 2008

Sarah Palin and her wacky hateful religious cult: Voter guide

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even haters hug, awwwww

even haters hug, awwwww

If you hate Jews and you are unsure if you should vote for McCain or Obama for President, this guide is for you.  (If you do not hate Jews, go vote for Ralph Nader, the only candidate available for that option)

Ok, Jew-haters –  you thought Obama was the man for the job after his preacher Jeremiah Wright spoke of his love for Farrakhan, but the Republicans have been working hard to win your vote – just look at the master of hate, Hagee.

It is all so confusing – so here is a simple guide to help you choose your new President.

Voter guide question #1. What is their position on those evil people who have had it the easiest over the past couple hundred years, bleeding our society dry of all its resources for their own greedy souls?!?  I am speaking, of course, about goblins, witches, orcs, and hobbits.

While Obama has been conveniently silent on this major goblin issue, Sarah Palin has not.  Her preacher (Thomas Muthee) is a famous witchhunter, God bless him.

The preacher, while introducing the blessed Palin to the stage, also strongly condemns Jews.  Seriously, while Obama is monkeying around with fixing the economy, the Republicans deal with the real issues.  Watch it here:

Palin video against Jews and Witches.

witches goblins ghosts!  Palin's worst fears!

witches goblins ghosts! Palin

Voter guide question #2: How does the candidate see Jesus?  Jeremiah Wright (hateful Obama preacher) thinks Jesus wants us to help the poor.  What a wacko!

Sarah Palin’s spiritual love guide, Thomas Muthee, understands that Jesus wanted to control money and political power for himself and his followers.  The great Jesus is a greedy Jesus, he knows – again watch the video:

Video here.

Voter guide question #3: How proud are they of their hate?

Obama has not appeared anywhere while his preacher said hateful speech, instead hiding himself away in shame of his hate.  Palin, in contrast, appears in a video with her froggy minister of hate, Thomas Muthee, while he speaks of hate for witches and Jews, and the greed of Jesus.  Sarah Palin is not ashamed that she hates, in the blessed name of God.

It is clear, the Republicans are the ticket if you hate Jews.

Keith Olbermann clip about Palin and witchcraft:

Bush/McCain lovers photo found here at Christian message board

Halloween pic from here.  Heather Castles’s site.


  1. The Governor of Alaska is all the rage at the moment, she’s always good for a laugh or to give us a WTF moment. In the midst of a economic meltdown that’s good theater. If McCain is elected, though, it’s going to be serious business and she will become one of the most dangerous people on the planet.

    Stopped by to give you a thumbs up on StumbleUpon.

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    Comment by Kilroy_60 — September 30, 2008 @ 1:49 pm

  2. Thanks, Kilroy. You make a good point that Palin’s comedic answers are a distraction from important issues, and that may have been the main reason she was chosen – McCain has no chance to win, if the election is decided on the important issues.

    Comment by skeptisys — October 3, 2008 @ 11:32 am

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