December 3, 2008

Obama on high gas and electric bills

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no wants cold cheezeburger!

no wants cold cheezeburger!

Gas and electricity are necessities for life.  Global warming has caused extreme hot and cold weather, requiring energy for human survival.  Keeping food cold, and heating food to kill microbes, are also necessary for people’s health.  Small home businesses require energy to work, as more and more commerce is transferred online.  Television is a necessity to understanding what we should think and buy.

The power companies have used these needs to increase prices to outrageous levels.  Even during this recession/depression, when consumers are fighting for their lives, power companies have drained them for record profits, and are still increasing prices.

So what will President Obama do to help us get through these tough times?  Perhaps force power companies to lower their prices to reasonable rates for the people he represents?  No – he explains how he will cause energy prices to rise because people ‘like to leave their lights on’ and need some tough love.  Watch it.

Listen to Obama explain it again in his own words:

“Energy prices will necessarily skyrocket… the power plants will pass this cost on to consumers.”

The country’s politics have shifted so far to the ‘right’ over the past 30 years that a president with extreme views on transferring wealth from the poor to the extremely rich who caused can be called ‘liberal’ with a straight face.  I fear the only warmth for many this winter will come from hours of picketing outside power companies’ corporate headquarters.  And the cost of added security to ‘handle’ the peaceful protests will be “passed on to the consumer”.

cold cat via some UK lady.

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