December 20, 2008

Is Obama right, or is he far-right?

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Rick Warren can reach over to McCain and Obama

Rick Warren can reach over to McCain and Obama

Obama made a couple more major decisions this week and, to be honest, it seems like Karl Rove made both decisions for him.  Obama:

  • Chose the fanatical bigot Rick Warren to deliver the invocation to Obama’s inauguration and;
  • Chose Tom Vilsack, who has been linked closely with Monsanto, to the post of Secretary of Agriculture.

The choice of Tom Vilsack is indefensible, from a humane perspective.  His prior actions include giving major grants directly to large unsafe corporations, and protecting those large corporations from local statutes – even if the laws were or will be passed to protect the locals’ health and safety (a destructive corporate strategy in moving all decisions to junctions that are more likely to decide in their favor, see WTO).   This type of industry appointment fits right in with Bush appointments of the past 8 years.

As for Rick Warren, many intelligent well-meaning people are trying to defend this choice.  Their main argument is that Obama is trying to reach out to the ‘other side’ to help ease needed agreements in the future.  Frankly, this argument is a bag of crap.

People are not vocally upset simply because Obama chose a Christian who is against Gay-marriage.  They are more upset that he chose someone so extremely hateful and divisive.  Rick Warren has:

  • referred to abortion as ‘the holocaust’, trivializing real holocausts and woman’s rights.  This man apparently thinks that many women are murderers with the same morality as Hitler.
  • said that all Jews are going to hell
  • called for the ‘taking out’ of his enemies
  • using strong and hateful language, equates Gay relationships with incest.  Though he did later protest and say he fed Gays “water and doughnuts”.
  • perhaps most damaging, is a strong enemy of the separation of church and state.

Obama must have known that Rick Warren has used hate speech against women, Muslims, Gays, and Jews, and that this decision would cause tremendous division. Still not convinced?

About 2 years ago, Obama met with Warren at his church, pissing off the right wingers so much that Time Magazine ran an article on that backlash, here.  Obama knows that Dec. 2006 meeting with Warren caused hatred from the same people that it is now claimed he is trying to appease by meeting with Warren now.  Bizarre.

Also recall that when Bill Clinton tried to ‘reach over to the other side’, the ‘other side’ impeached him.  When Obama tried to ‘reach over to the other side’ in June, the ‘other side’ called him a ‘Marxist terrorist Muslim’.

So, if Obama knew this decision would piss off women, Jews, liberals, right-wingers, Gays, Muslims, pacifists and atheists – why did he make this decision?  Perhaps to distract us from choosing a Monsanto employee to the post of Secretary of Agriculture (thereby allowing Monsanto to police themselves).

If you forgot about Monsanto’s past crimes, Wikipedia has a summary.  The summaries are brief, but multiple: agent orange; bovine growth hormone in milk; MON863 liver and kidney toxicity; suppressing news coverage of their crimes; and on and on.  This looks like a very harmful company that President Barack Obama appears to want to keep in charge of our government’s agriculture department.

MonSanto Claus bring you toxic gifts

MonSanto Claus bring you toxic gifts

Pic of 3 stooges via Java blogspot.

MonSanto Claus via le site de Christophe VIEREN.

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