February 2, 2009

Roundhay Garden Scene: The Director’s Cut

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Filmed in 1888 by Louis Le Prince, “Roundhay Garden Scene” is known to be the world’s oldest surviving motion picture.  Louis was not given full credit for his work at the time, because he ‘disappeared’ on the way to demonstrate his work.  When Louis’ son, Adolphe, protested Thomas Alva Edison’s claim of inventing the motion picture, he too died mysteriously – by gunshot.

Louis Le Prince’s Mother in Law, the first ever movie star, died just 10 days after filming.  No cause of death can be located, but the rumors that she died after a cocaine induced orgy with Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle are probably unfounded.  Her demanding and critical personality was ahead of her time, for a star actress as well as a mother in law.

Luckily, the hard working team at somethingawful have unearthed the deleted scenes from this 1888 classic, which have been lost for over a century.  Just goes to show what you can find at a yard sale.

Here it is for your enjoyment, Roundhay Garden Scene: the Directors Cut:

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