October 18, 2010

Obama’s Health Care for the Insurance Companies

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In March 2009, new President Obama held a ‘Health Summit‘ at the White House to ‘kick start his Health Care Plan’.  At the time, the stock prices of the 2 largest Health Insurance Companies were:

Wellpoint, Inc.  $31.01/share

United Health Group Inc. $16.57/share

By June 2009, hatred and distrust of Health Insurance Companies were still high.  Polls showed public support for a public health plan by 72% to 20% and were significantly higher than support of private industry, even among Republicans.

By September 2009, support for a public health plan was even higher, but evidence that the Obama administration had already made a deal with the Health Industry were openly discussed.

In March 2010, Obama signed the Health Care Bill into Law, without the public option.  What was the state of the Health Insurance Industry, hated by the public for bad service and high costs, while people suffered around the country?

At the time the Bill was signed in March 2010, the stock prices of the 2 largest Health Insurance Companies were:

Wellpoint, Inc.  $66.33/share

United Health Group Inc. $35.16/share

Yes, their worth more than doubled. The Obama Health Care Bill is a large financial gift to the Health Industry.

I understand why people continue to support the Obama administration, even if I don’t agree with it.  Here are a few reasons they do:

1. There are only 2 options, Democrats and The Republicans and other right wingers (so called tea party and libertarians): crazy, hateful, ignorant, thieves who constantly get attention, scaring us into believing anything else must be good.

2. Current and past racism in America is so disgusting and vile that instinctively, criticism of the first Black president feels wrong.  This feeling is reenforced by racist criticism coming through from Republicans and Tea Baggers.   Get over it – the Obama administration has made it worse for Black Americans.  Prison rate, poverty, employment, health – everything has gotten much worse since Obama took over.   It is actually more harmful to African Americans to continually support politicians and other governors (Judge Clarence Thomas) based on the color of their skin, rather than looking at their policies.

3. Obama is very convincing.  I can’t listen to him anymore because I know he is lying, but he could convince me to sell my neighbors’ internal organs for donation money.

4. Confirmation bias.  The emotion of support for Obama’s candidacy, as he ran against George W. Bush, the least popular president since  Harry S Truman, convinced everyone that he was the right choice.  This is hard to drop.

5.  Supporting a ‘third party’ that supports the people, rather than the large governing corporations is a long term difficult and sometimes abstract process.  Picking the seemingly best candidate put forth by the same large governing corporations is much easier, although self destructive.

we found the tumor

Comic from HealthCare Now!

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