November 10, 2010

Monty Williams wins first 7 games as NBA head coach: what can we expect from now on?

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Monty Williams, the talented young head coach of the New Orleans Hornets, has won his first 7 games in the NBA – 4th all time in NBA history (per Elias).  What can we expect from him, from now on?  If history is an indication, it turns out ‘not much to expect’.

Here are the top 3 along with ‘rest of career’ records (to date).

Lawrence Frank

started 13-0, after 212-241 .468.

Kurt Rambis

started 9-0, after 31-87 .263 (including 1-7 this season)

Buddy Jeannette (BAA)

started 9-0, ended 142-203 .412

Both Frank and Jeannette were considerably younger than Monty, and Rambis was about the same age.  I will be rooting for Monty Williams… then again, I am still rooting for Lawrence Frank.

Buddy Jeannette drive basketball hoop

this is either Buddy Jeannette or a still from 'The Hoosiers'

Lawrence Frank

Lawrence Frank loves the giant basketballs the NBA tested

Kurt Rambis Danny Ainge Lakers Celtics

Danny Ainge girlie slapping Clark Kent

Buddy (hoopschina), Frank (dueling couches), and Rambis (the visual mixtape of Mark Malazarte) pics.

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