About SkeptiSys

My email is  Comments and questions on my blog are accepted at that email, but it is preferred that you use the website for comments pertaining to the posts, so you will be heard by the reading community.

My primary background is science, more specifically psychopharmacology, as I spent many years in clinical drug development at a Pharmaceutical company.  I think I have hit middle age, but that really depends on how long I eventually last.  If we assume I will live to 150, then I am far away from middle age.  Based on the carcinagenic toxens dumped into the air by large corporations, perhaps ‘old age’ is more accurate.

I currently live in New Jersey – where great food is everywhere, mainly Italian and Korean.  I have a love of all cultures, and feel I have been very fortunate to meet people of many different backgrounds.  We are all different, and it is wonderful!  I have traveled all over the world, and found more pleasure in walking among your markets, rather than your museums.

If you need to see what i look like, surely you can find a photo of me somewhere in the internet.  Just remember I was young and needed the money.  Ha ha, just kidding – I wasn’t young.

I started this website because it was a chance to write about topics that are enjoyable and important to me, and people I talk to.  I believe in freedom of speech, so feel free to use any language you want, but please try to be respectful of others.  We are all in this together.

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  1. About SkeptiSys:

    SkeptiSys likes ice cream. Yum. It make his belly happy. Specially vanilla and chocolate and strawberry if there’s no vanilla. But I don’t like chocolate. Strawberry is my favorite! Mmm. Bloaty belly with creamy ice cream!

    Comment by Ken Beer — August 16, 2007 @ 11:38 pm

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