April 7, 2011

The Wieners Circle Chicago Restaurant adds abuse/humor to menu (NSFW language)

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In Chicago, a hotdog restaurant owner found out by accident that customers love to be abused, if it is funny.  Their restaurant, the Wieners Circle,  is now famous for the abuse they give out, and take in.  The following hilarious clips use NSFW language – do not watch if you are offended by naughty or racist language.

Dave Attel introduces us to the restaurant in Insomniac (great show from Comedy Central).

A man decides to use a different approach to ordering, leading to side-splitting guffaws.

Sure, The Wieners Circle has its critics, those who say it’s too much or waitresses will show their tops for money, and maybe the health code is not up to par.   I am still eager to visit and get my doggie on.


File:Wiener Circle Dog.jpg

April 8, 2009

Women’s Bathroom Secrets Revealed

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So guys, how about that game last night and power drills, tools grout… Ok, good!  Now all women have left us alone, we men can discuss a big puzzling problem we all have with women.  How do they possibly go through all those rolls of toilet paper?!?!?

always wear a fancy hat to church

always wear a fancy hat to church

I mean sure, I use toilet paper every few days or so – but every friggin week I am balancing the 64 giganto roll pack of butt softies around the market, knocking over cans right and left.  I can’t even see over the thing to check out cute women!  (maybe that’s their plan)   Women wonder why we buy so much chili?  It’s to have an excuse for carrying all that stool-sopping cotton rolls.

Oh, your Mom's cooking?  I'm prepared.

Oh, your Mom's cooking? I'm prepared.

Seriously, my girlfriend calls me up to give me this same update every couple days:

1. farting in bed is not as funny as you think it is

2. My Mom doesn’t like to be called willieMcGee, whatever that is.

3. we are out of toilet paper.

Well, here for you men, women’s dirty toilet paper secret finally revealed.  From a hidden bathroom video camera, this footage shows us what women secretly do in the bathroom!   Yes, the secret is out!  Warning, these videos are appalling!

A few (very) cool sites located while doing research for this post: Shape & Colour; Bridge & Tunnel Crowd; and Half-Pint Opinions.

December 12, 2008

Who will police the police?

out of control prison system

out of control prison system

How do we fight back against a powerful American police and military system run amok?  ‘Kop Busters’, a group fighting back against police corruption, had an entertaining idea.  They decided to run a sting operation that would catch only police corruption.  Noting a rash of police ‘misinformation’ on search warrant requests, Kop Busters decided to ‘plant’ 2 Christmas trees in an apartment without any illegal activity taking place.  Odessa, Texas Police then illegally raided the house and arrested (with no basis) the attorney waiting for them.

Watch a news report on the public service sting operation here:

Read more about it here:


I expect severe punishment of the police who arrested the attourney without any hint of illegal activity, as well as of any police officer who lied on an official court document to obtain a warrant.  As this is not an isolated incident, but a reaction to a glut of similar suspected  acitivty, I also expect an independent probe into potential corrupt behavior among upper level police and D.A. in Odessa Texas.  God bless these patriots!

Kathryn Johnston age 92, gunned down by police in her own home

Kathryn Johnston age 92, gunned down by police in her own home has some great info.

Read about Kathryn Johnston, the 92 year old lady who was gunned down by police in riot gear breaking into her home on warrant misinformation, in wikipedia.

October 28, 2008

Walmart endorses elderly guy who dresses as a schoolboy and seductively strips for eager men

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Walmart, the superstore famous for union bashing, community crushing, and xtra large stretchy pants, has used its marketing strategies to return AC/DC to the forefront of CD sales.  Per MarketWatch, Walmart sold almost 800,000 AC/DC CDs in the first week alone.

Sex and alcohol drinking are the standard topics of AC/DC songs, and they have been linked to satanism and serial killing in the past by wacky Jesus fanatics like Tipper Gore.

AC/DC live show includes a striptease by their lead guitarist, 53 year old Angus Young.  The video clip above shows Angus stripping in 1983, when his butt was less veiny and wrinkly.

For more information on how AC/DC got their well deserved reputation as one of the greatest rock shows of all time, check out ore of their youtube videos.

AC/DC Angus Young give Brian Johnson a guitar penis

AC/DC Angus Young gives Brian Johnson a guitar penis

May 17, 2008

Jewelry with extra feeling: that ‘Perfect Gift’

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bridge water reflection stone trees

There are a couple of childhood events that helped shape my gift-giving techniques.  As a very young boy, I saved my allowance to buy my dear Mom a birthday present.  I went for the absolute best gift possible.  I chose a baseball glove.  Her reaction was just about what you would expect if your cute cat presented you with a dead bird at the front door. “Aw, how cute – gee thanks”

The other event involved a gift I received from my Brother, who had just spent all his money on my Birthday gift, but felt obligated to give me a present for the holidays.  So, he took 1 single penny, and wrapped it carefully in a small box.  He then took that box and wrapped it into a slightly larger box, then found a bigger box…  well eventually the gift was too large to carry.  After unsuccessfully guessing what was in the gigantic present (candy?  gigantic CB Radio and candy?), I excitedly tore it open, and was shocked to see the penny.

These 2 gifts, the inappropriate baseball mitt and a penny, were a couple of the best gifts ever given.  My Mom still has great happiness and joy as she tells the story of that glove, while forgetting many other ‘appropriate’ gifts.   Also, I have been fortunate to have received many fine gifts, but none makes me happier than the time I received that one penny.

So now, when I look for a gift, I look for these important elements:

  1. Unique or at least very different.
  2. Interesting and memorable.
  3. Personal connection.  Does the gift communicate personal feelings?
  4. Quality and beauty.

Looking for the perfect gift for yourself or someone else?    I found a gift place that encompasses all of these important elements.  I recently received jewelry from an excellent source, a website for ultra-creative and beautiful jewelry: Made With Molecules (link added to the blogroll).  This jewelry (and other products at Made With Molecules) are made with the structure of molecules and neurotransmitters, all designed and produced by the intelligent, creative, and friendly Dr. Raven Hanna, who also owns the business.

The personal messages contained in this jewelry are almost endless!   Consider the Serotonin necklace.  Scientific research has shown that an increase in Serotonin improves mood, and drugs like Prozac are intended for this purpose.  This is a gift of happiness.  Whenever the recipient looks or thinks of this piece, they will think of the happiness you gave them.

Or consider Dopamine, whose activity in the brain reflects excitability and intense pleasure.  Dopamine levels are affected by feelings of love and kissing, or alertness and concentration, or from drugs like Cocaine.  This gift can be a gift of love or happiness to someone who gives you intense pleasure.  That is a very special message.  Raven also has a dopamine love card.

Raven’s creative collection is extensive, including: chemical structures for caffeine and the active ingredient in chocolate and hot peppers; all the way to testosterone boxer shorts and glucose onesies for infants.  She also has a peptide peace holiday card that is just beautiful.

Another of Raven’s pleasant surprises was that the items I received from Made With Molecules were presented beautifully and creatively, with a nice card included to explain the molecular structure and activity. It was very easy to order and was shipped very quickly.

Made With Molecules has wonderful gift items, and is run by a top notch person, Dr. Raven Hanna.  I highly recommend her art to all.  Please check it out, you won’t be sorry.  As for me, I plan to go back for the neurotransmitter charm bracelet, as I know quite a few people that could use some GABA.

brain pool ladder

April 11, 2008

Electric cars are making a comeback

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electric cars colorful future

George W. Bush and his dangerous criminal gang illegally invaded Iraq, killing hundreds of thousands of civilians, and thousands of young Americans, for 2 main reasons: to profit the military industry, and to profit the oil industry.  This point is widely understood outside of the United States, and even in America is accepted and documented regularly by the business community, as well as those who do not rely on mainstream corporate media for their information. The war is about corporate profit.

In both the oil and military industries, the Iraq war has been very successful for the Bush administration.  The military budget for the United States is higher than the rest of the world combined, and has began to heavily influence domestic life (an aspect so frightening that President Eisenhower warned us about this eventuality).  No end to the war is in sight, even though the people elected new representatives in 2006 elections for the main purpose of ending the war.  The people no longer have control over public policy, large industry does.

The oil industry’s success under the Bush administration can easily be seen by looking at Exxon Mobil, who has set record profits during a time when they and their industry are most despised.  At the same time, the United States Supreme Court is hearing a case to see if all fines will be dropped against Exxon Mobil for the horrendous oil spill in 1989, Exxon Valdez.  While many of the TV guided public inanely barks about OJ Simpson, this is a real example American travesty of justice.

Even more disturbing is that these ugly excesses in both industries are not needed.  For driving, electric cars have been available since the 1830’s.    Since the 1980’s people have been driving electric cars, whenever the government felt the pressure of the public.  For an excellent documentary on the electric car struggle, I recommend the film Who Killed the Electric Car?.

Well, the public is about to get another chance at electric cars.  Telsa Motors will be releasing a new all electric model this year, and it is already sold out.  The cost of this car is just under $100,000, a price which is expected to dramatically drop once mass production can begin.  Many other electric car manufacturers are planning to release products in the near future.

The other potential negatives to electric cars (like few recharge areas and low battery life) are expected to be resolved as the industry grows.  The positives are very strong: better for environment and human health; cheaper, easier, and cleaner upkeep; and the ability to give a big F U to the oil industry and their loyal employee, Bush.

global warming exxon profits oil gas

Esso Exxon oil gas

April 5, 2008

Federal Appeals Court rejects class-action light cigarette suit

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cigarette honest ad tells what they are doing to consumer

A class action lawsuit alleging fraud by the cigarette companies was thrown out by a federal appeals court.  Recently, U.S. federal and supreme courts have made radically absurd judgments to protect large corporations from repaying the public for damages made, but this is NOT one of those absurd judgements.  This lawsuit had no merit.

The lawsuit basically alleges that cigarette companies produced and sold cigarettes they called ‘light’ even though they conclusively knew that they were no safer than regular cigarettes.  Smokers would compensate for the lost ‘lighter’ smoke by inhaling for longer breaths and buying more cigarettes.  For this reason, the lawsuit alleges ‘fraud’.

No, that is not fraud.  The cigarettes in fact did exactly what they were advertised to do, produce less smoke.  When I started smoking, and someone gave me a light cigarette, I knew to put tape around the filter to close the holes that reduced the smoke intake and make it a ‘regular’.  Even if you did not know that, you still had a cigarette that produced less smoke due to the holes in the filter (drew air to mix with smoke).

Some people argue that the law should apply what the ‘average person’ should know.  And others argue that the stupidest of people should be protected.  Either way, this case was justifyably thrown out.

To get away from the bias of ‘evil’ cigarette companies, we have a good parallel example: milk.  Milk contains fat, of which in excess can cause horrible diseases and early death.   Not only does ‘2% milk’ not have 2% the fat of regular milk (it has over 50%) but we psychologically compensate for the lost taste and color (in coffee and chocolate milk) by adding more ‘light’ milk.  When I use skim milk in my coffee, I keep going until it overflows – we all subconsciously go by color when we add milk to coffee, thus offsetting the fat reduction.  Should the milk industry be liable for fraud?

Class action lawsuits are very important in our culture, helping to prevent high level crimes and reimbursement for being wronged.  Business and press have been using this case to argue that class action lawsuits are too frequently used in our society, and they are completely wrong and just trying to protect large industry.  This case was correctly thrown out because it failed on merit.

March 30, 2008

Video card, Mother board Blows

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I had major computer hardware problems this past week. It began when I awoke to find a blank screen on my monitor.   Checking and reconnecting all external cable connections did not restore power and video. When I was able to connect my monitor to a separate system, it worked!   So I knew the problem was not with my monitor or the connecting cable. My next step was to find out if there was a problem inside the case, with the hardware and internal connections. I got my tool box and went to work. After 12 hours with my tools, finally – success!!! I got the computer case open!

Actually, the case was very easy to open.  I tested and reseat all connections, cards, and power supplies that I could.   After all the testing I could do – it appears during a recent physical move a fan was broken and disconnected, causing the system to eventually overheat and damage the motherboard and other hardware.

I turned to religion, having each component of my old main computer blessed in the name of Jesus Christ.  If any of you would like to own a certified Christian blessed computer component for less than it would cost for a full non-Christian blessed computer system, please let me know by email or posting here with your contact info.  I am afraid we accept cash only, at this time.  Here is a real true testimonial on the absolute GODLY goodness of my certified Christian blessed computer parts:

“SkeptiSys’ certified Christian blessed computer components are miraculous!  I run a website that makes satire, and I rely on my computer as much as my God.  I happily payed hundreds of dollars for SkeptiSys’ certified Christian blessed computer components, and got the most out of them!  Once I started to use SkeptiSys’ certified Christian blessed computer parts, I immediately saw the light!  Bless you, SkeptiSys, and your amazing certified mainly nonfunctional Christian computer parts!” – A truly blessed reader-

Thanks, blessed reader.   These parts are the ONLY computer components certified blessed by SkeptiSys, and ONLY blessed and certified by SkeptiSys himself.  Won’t you JOIN the MANY, who have already SEEN the LIGHT?  Contact SkeptiSys now by posting a reply or via email NOW! at !  Cash only, please.  Supplies limited!

Purchaser waives all rights, except those found in the ten commandments themselves!, and removes seller from absolutely all responsibilities and liabilities.

March 4, 2008

Verizon not concerned with Identity Theft

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Identity theft has affected tens of millions of people and cost many billions of dollars, according to many sources including the U.S. Dept of Justine.  Verizon’s new Acceptable Use Policy (that takes effect today) creates concern for those seeking to protect themselves and their private personal information, such as social security numbers, bank information, and passwords, from such identity thefts.

Verizon, who has admitted to breaking federal law in order to illegally share citizens’ personal private data, has a new policy that states that they have the right to share your online information with any 3rd party.  The policy makes no mention of any attempt to keep your delicate information private.  Users expect their ISP to keep all their internet activities private, and to permanently delete them ASAP to further guarantee security.

Verizon attempts to force users to not hide their real information, thereby further opening people to identity theft.  The policy states that “you may NOT… use a false name while using the Service”.  (Verizon’s use of all caps for ‘not’)

Billions of dollars have been lost to identity theft.  Verizon appears not to take your information or money seriously, and is willing to potentially open themselves to very large liability as a result.

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