December 12, 2008

Who will police the police?

out of control prison system

out of control prison system

How do we fight back against a powerful American police and military system run amok?  ‘Kop Busters’, a group fighting back against police corruption, had an entertaining idea.  They decided to run a sting operation that would catch only police corruption.  Noting a rash of police ‘misinformation’ on search warrant requests, Kop Busters decided to ‘plant’ 2 Christmas trees in an apartment without any illegal activity taking place.  Odessa, Texas Police then illegally raided the house and arrested (with no basis) the attorney waiting for them.

Watch a news report on the public service sting operation here:

Read more about it here:


I expect severe punishment of the police who arrested the attourney without any hint of illegal activity, as well as of any police officer who lied on an official court document to obtain a warrant.  As this is not an isolated incident, but a reaction to a glut of similar suspected  acitivty, I also expect an independent probe into potential corrupt behavior among upper level police and D.A. in Odessa Texas.  God bless these patriots!

Kathryn Johnston age 92, gunned down by police in her own home

Kathryn Johnston age 92, gunned down by police in her own home has some great info.

Read about Kathryn Johnston, the 92 year old lady who was gunned down by police in riot gear breaking into her home on warrant misinformation, in wikipedia.

September 3, 2008

Eggs, flour and sugar – Oh my!!! (NSFW?)

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I love cake – not in the traditional yummy way, but as an artistic medium.  They are colorful edible sand sculptures – beautiful yet temporary, a testimony to how fulfilling and fleeting is our life.  We spend all our time creating something beautiful and emotionally powerful, just to have someone come along and devour it.

Occasionally the shape of the cake and the frosting blobs will look like something familiar – maybe a pony or more often Walter Cronkite.   What you see in the cake reflects your personality, like in clouds or Rorschach inkblot.   What you see in the cake depends on your own mind – if you see something kind and happy, you are a pleasant happy person.  If you see impending death in a cake, you need either a therapist or a blank canvas.  If you think you may have a disturbed mind that sees gross things everywhere (even in flour and water), stop reading now.  This post is about extreme cakes.

After I saw a cake that looked like kitty litter, I had to search to see how far dessert chefs will go to shock.  Pretty far, it turns out. Here, for your own amusement, are some photos of cakes in which I saw something.  Remember, these are all just flour, eggs, sugar, and other standard cake items.  If you see something disturbing, it is only because you have an evil depraved anti-God mind.

This first one looks like American icon, Porky Pig smiling – if you look closely enough (anyway, that is what I see.  What do you see?)

mystery cake #1. Porky Pig?

mystery cake #1. Mmm pumpkin sauce

I hope Disney doesn’t sue over this cake that looks a little like Mickey Mouse.

Mickey Mouse Cake

Mickey Mouse Cake

Looking around I see many cakes that look like Richard Nixon, our beloved President who illegally invaded Cambodia to put Pol Pot back in charge.

Big Dick Nixon

Big Dick Nixon

This is cool, a cake made to look like rats eating a dead arm.  This one may be intentional.

Eat the rats eating the arm, and the arm

Eat the rats eating the arm, and the arm

Now this cake is really gross, I think they use apples, which I do not like in my cake.  Only click on the thumbnail if you have a very strong stomach and are over age 85!  Seriously, don’t do it, I beg of you.

how has your life changed because of the internet

how has your life changed because of the internet

Baby cake!  This is perfect for a party for people on a diet – nobody dares eat the first slice!

baby cake

baby cake

Only kids will eat this next cake.  Well, kids and dogs.

kitty litter cake

kitty litter cake

Here is a cake of some political figure.  I love romantic wedding cakes.

bed and breakfast

bed and breakfast

Occasionally women will share a dessert, like a cupcake, to reduce calories.  Wanting a photo of this to show my point, I did a search for ‘2 girls, 1 cup cake’.  Boy was I surprised!

two girls one cup cake

two girls one cup cake

The combination of med students and Halloween can produce quite a treat, as seen here with a thoracic cavity cake and obligatory brain cake.

thoracic cavity cake

thoracic cavity cake

brain cake, right out of the cook/text-book

brain cake, right out of the cook/text-book

Can’t wait?  Yep, dessert is coming!

can't wait until the cake is out of the box to eat it

can't wait until cake is out of the box?

However, the most questionable cake I could find – the one I couldn’t imagine the reason to create (even after it was explained) is the Chinese Lotus (bound) foot cake.  Apparently this was created for a podiatrist.

Chinese Lotus foot bound cake

Chinese Lotus foot bound cake

Well, that’s it for now.  I hope curbed your appetite for cake, and quenched your appetite for art.  Get cooking!

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Kopps Bakery – these do look good.

E-mail junk

A Welsh View

Yum Sugar

It’s not all Mary Poppins

GashedZine Forum



Flikr, again

and again, Flikr


July 24, 2008

Why not put your heads together and make an ass of yourselves?

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In the news this week, two complete idiots were in the position to spend over $500 million to help solve any world crisis they wanted.  These two dimwitted slobbering morons took a long look around the world we live in and decided that hungry starving children was not the main issue that required attention.

Helping all the world’s people killed or maimed through unnecessary wars also never occurred to these two blockheaded simpletons.  You may ask if curing or preventing cancer ever graced the lonely braincells sluggishly bouncing around the simple cretinous mongoloid heads of these two assholes?  Nope.

Perhaps AIDS or other debilitating disease was what these two pinheaded dopey shitforbrains schmucks had in their feeble mind?  Nope.  These two panty soiling nitwits, who have somehow become even stupider since their fathers shot them out of hairy sagging nutsacks could not even come up with an idea to sanitize the water supply in poor nations.

These two ignorant jackasses, who I wouldn’t trust to pass gas without giggling themselves into a coma, couldn’t come up with a way to get medicine and vaccines to poor people.  Why didn’t the nanny who changed their diapers and surely reminded these two to not spread their feces on the walls, also remind them about mad cow disease and other food issues?  Low infant mortality is a pressing issue around the world, unless you speak with these two nonfunctional braindead fuckups.

No, these morally poor, thought-deficient cunts decided that the #1 problem in the world, the one that they used their responsibility and over half a Billion dollars to help solve, is: to tell people that smoking is bad for them.

What a couple of stupid putzes.

May 7, 2008

Cute Knock-Knock joke

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cute knock knock joke Idiot Comics

Update: for some reason the picture is not loading correctly, so if you do not see the pic, please click the link above.

Found at Idiot Comics.

May 6, 2008

Rafał Olbiński’s beautiful surreal art

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Rafal Olbinski manon lescaut woman peels face back reveal

I like my art like I like my women, surreal and Polish.   I have been looking at some of Rafel OIlbinski‘s art, and I wanted to share it with those of my readers who do not know him.  He is an excellent Polish surreal artist.

Technological advances have rendered many past art forms obsolete.  Realism, for example.  To paint or sketch realisticly, faces, people, or fruit used to be very popular – for good reason.  It requires tremendous talent and patience – but now with the advent of digital photography, who needs it?  Haven’t we seen the machines in shopping malls that pencil sketch your image in a few minutes?  Nobody uses it, but it only cost – how much?  a quarter?  dollar? If you paint a bowl of fruit and want more than a quarter for it, you will be in the mall for a long time, my friend.

I went to an exhibit in a New York Museum of Andy Warhol’s work.  You know, Campbell’s soup cans and Marilyn Monroe ‘pop art’.  At the time, this work was special – turning the art establishment on its head by changing the definition of what is art.  But now, I can find better stuff in a split second with a search engine.

If you want to see galleries of Rafel Olbinski’s work, check herehere and here.  I can get lost in good art, and I just threw away my compass.

Rafal Olbinski pages book fly birds dream

May 3, 2008

Top 10 comments by SkeptiSys’ loyal fans

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xkcd comic glue captions cats internet

I awoke this morning already having finished half a cup of coffee, only slightly aware of where I was.  The fuzzy line between internet reality and classic reality (for lack of a better word) is becoming more blurred all the time.  Friends, ideas, and business deals found and shared on the internet are just as real as ever, and overlap frequently with ‘world classic’.  Computer trends appear to lean towards smaller more portable connectivity, which will blur this line even further in the near future.  Soon enough, we will be able to walk to a corner store and meet a friend from another side of the world – without either of us ever leaving our home towns. We will say, “I just bumped into Sun from Taiwan, who invited us to have dinner with her and Migwi from Kenya”

This new internet world is reality, but a blurred reality similar to Hunter S. Thompson’s Gonzo work.  It seems real, even more real that what we are used to – who cares if he never left his seat.  These were the thoughts running through my mind as I read through Kilroy’s The Gonzo Papers, a good fine website by a guy walking through this blurred internet world, embracing what and who he sees.  I have no idea how long I was reading his site (I used to use cigarettes to tell time, as in: ‘dinner will be ready in 2 cigarettes’.  Since I quit smoking, I have no concept of time).  You know, I do not even know if Kilroy exists or if he is a bot, but I like him and his site.    It was well worth the travel.

Then I started thinking about my own loyal friends from this world, or that.  They have been very nice to have shared kind words about me, and my website.  I want to share my top 10 compliments heard about me or my website.  Forgive me for bragging a little.

  1. “I guess the computer is plugged in.  It was you who set it up a few years ago.” – Mom of SkeptiSys, still looking for the site.
  2. “You know, it would be more romantic if you weren’t looking at the computer at the same time you said it” – girlfriend of SkeptiSys (ex)
  3. “How can I have called the wrong number, when you called me!?!”  – A loyal and passionate reader, via telephone
  4. “Yeah I love it!  Yeah its good!  Yeah don’t stop!” – well established adult film star, via Windows Media Player
  5. “Yeah sure it’s great – whatever you want, ok?  Where are your pants?”  – Anonymous man in elevator
  6. “I would like to call this website, ‘Exhibit A’, Your Honor” – Prestigious court employee
  7. “Did you say ‘Septic Piss’?” – Heathen non-believer
  8. “I love you, don’t go – really great guy!” – some drunk man in a Dublin pub (loosely transcribed)
  9. “You know what is the best website?  Trying to remember… Oh yeah, SkeptiSys!  SkeptiSys would know, he has a link to it on his site.” – overheard at a party.  …and now, drum roll Paul.
  10. “Do you think Bob Costas got to be where he is by living in his Mother’s house, typing in his bathrobe?!?” – Mom of SkeptiSys again.

Please keep these loving comments coming!

Brian\'s culture blog blurry ladies

Comic from xkcd – blurry women photo from Brian’s Culure Blog.

April 22, 2008

Children are the Niggers of the World

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messy kids ruin bad

I recently realized that it many ways I feel the same about children now as White racist southerners used (?) to feel about Black people.  You may also feel this way about kids.  Consider:

  1. I don’t want them to sit next to me in a restaurant or bus.  They are loud, messy, and smell bad.
  2. If they are in my family, I will reluctantly accept them, but expect them to be polite and courteous – and always refer to me as ‘sir’.  What I say goes.  No, I don’t want an argument, it’s curfew!
  3. No way would I let them vote!
  4. Sometimes they really need to be spanked, even if that isn’t much allowed anymore.
  5. They are always stealing my cookies.
  6. Women love them, and give them all their attention.  Occasionally they will take them into the next room and put a diaper on them.
  7. I want to send them to schools far away.
  8. They are always jumping around, playing ball, and dancing for no reason.
  9. Never had a job.  They all expect hand-outs.  Lazy bastards.
  10. I don’t understand a word they are saying.  It is like they make up their own language.
  11. No you can’t have a gun, but here’s a mop.
  12. I don’t understand their music.  It’s too loud and repetitive, but they seem to like jumping around to it.
  13. If I come home early, I catch my wife bathing with them.

Every child is our child, and all people are us.  We are all in this together.

Dick Gregory Nigger advertise my book

Black african-american KKKcool hair helicopter stylemessy mud muddy girl disgusting wash hands before coming in the house

Title refers to the famous John Lennon song, ‘Woman is the Nigger of the World‘.

April 16, 2008

NASA: Is your $17 billion space program smarter than a 7th grader?

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NASA Lisa Nowak diaper wearing astronaut revenge

NASA, the United States space program with a projected 2008 budget of $17.3 Billion, had their published math corrected by a 13 year old.  NASA had calculated a 1 in 45,000 chance that an asteroid would hit the earth in 2029.  The German schoolboy re-performed the calculations himself, finding that the chances were better estimated at 1 in 450, off by a factor of 100!  After more ‘careful’ consideration, NASA fully agreed with the German boy’s correction, but stand by their estimate of $19 million for a toilet.

It is important to focus on the large waste of key finances by a large inept agency….  wait, 1 in 450 chance?  WE ARE DOOMED! PANIC!  SUCK ON LOOSE CHANGE FOR SUSTENANCE! USE YOUR SEAT AS A FLOTATION DEVICE!  DON”T DRINK FROM THE CHOCOLATE RIVER!

Augustus Gloop Willie Wonka chocolate pipe suck

Michael Bollner agustus gloop german boy chocolate river pipe now accountant or taxman

Update: The answer to the title question “Is your $17 billion space program smarter than a 7th grader?” is quite possibly the obvious choice.  A European Space Agency (ESA) spokesperson has since stated that NASA was correct and the annoying German kid was mistaken.

For those of you that do not recognize the gentleman in the suit in the lowest photo, it is the actor who played Augustus Gloop in the original 1971 Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  The photo above it is of the same actor in his famous role.  If you think I will make a ‘fatty sucked up the old chocolate pipe’ joke, you are mistaken.  Well ok if you ask for it, I haven’t seen something that fat going up a chocolate tube since they declassified a CIA torture training film.

April 3, 2008

Journal of Sexual Medicine reports on sexual behavior

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The Journal of Sexual Medicine reported in its latest issue (May 2008) that the best sex lasts between 3 and 13 minutes.  The median time was 7.3 minutes for the encounters they measured.  See source article.  To measure the events, the woman held a stop watch, seriously.  I have no idea how the man lasted 7 minutes with the sexy alluring image of a woman holding a stopwatch.  More arousing would be if the woman tapped the stopwatch, saying ‘tick tick tick’.


I guess the study had to involve only a man and a woman, because they did not include foreplay in the measurement at all.  So no lesbian intercourse, of course.  Also left out of the time analysis was the time it took to figure out how to stop the elevator between floors. So time measured was only from the male entering the female, to male orgasm.  Done.  Three minutes is optimal.  I know foreplay is very difficult to measure, but at least these penis marketing Doctors could have considered it.  What is the optimal time range from a woman attaining arousal to achieving orgasm?   Sorry, that is in the Journal of Men Don’t Wanna Hear About it, sponsored by Cialis.

This study will get sufficient media coverage because it will go into the list of medical journal articles that will be ‘randomly’ left on coffee tables, ‘accidentally’ emailed to a woman, or accidentally left on car windshields.  Others include the studies: swallowing semen makes the woman more intelligent, lowers blood pressure and risk of preeclampsia and happier.

I look forward to the next article from the Journal of Sexual Medicine.  I heard their next issue will contain a study on ‘the positive benefits to a woman by fetching her man a sandwich and letting him sleep after their optimal 3 minute sexual adventure’


March 13, 2008

Around the world.

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What is going on around the globe? Here is today’s news briefs:

The Wall Street Journal has reported that the NSA has continued its illegal wiretapping actions, even after congress explicitly told them it was illegal. The NSA collected and scanned all emails and phone calls for ‘strange’ activity and patterns. A reader somewhere wondered, “maybe the NSA has the missing White House emails.”

The BBC reports that China is accusing the United States of double standards on human rights, only ordering beef with broccoli.

Random visual poetry can be beautiful The most hypnotic website is up, flickrvision. The site takes photos uploaded to a public photo site, Flickr, and displays them one at a time – from all over the globe.

This is Wally Ballou signing off.

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