September 23, 2007

The one that got away, with nothing

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“What is that group down south that is trying to recreate the Civil War? Anyone know what I mean? Oh yeah, Georgia State Troopers”

Emo Phillips

The United States has a peculiar fetish for locking up Black people, in chains or prisons. As I have noted in prior posts, the United States has the highest per capita prison population in the world, with a rate over 19% higher than the 2nd highest country.

The Department of Justice estimates that 4.8% of Black males were in prison on the midpoint day, 2006. One in 20! So the next time a Black man tells you he is being oppressed by the White man, walk away before you are arrested as an accessory.


Oh, as an aside, I am using the terms ‘Black’ and ‘White’ to communicate that I am writing about race. I could use ‘Caucasian’ and ‘Negro’, but that upsets more people. The term ‘African American’ is a BS term that is 1) inaccurate (there are White Americans from Africa and Blacks who are neither African nor American), and 2) a distraction from the real problem. If you study or experience racism in this country, and determine that the problem is simply that the wrong label is being used, you are part of the problem, get out of the way. That would be like being raped anally and worrying about getting your hair mussed. If you want to be called any name, as an individual, I will be happy to oblige, be it African American or Snappy Sweet Cheeks, but don’t make me sacrifice accuracy and communication because you are afraid of some commonly used words. Oh sorry, where was I?


Oh yeah, 1 in 20 Black males in prison. As many of you probably know, about 13 years ago, a Black man got away, by the name of O.J. Simpson. Well, he didn’t really get away, even though he was found ‘not guilty’. He lost: most of his money, which was significant; his livelihood; his reputation; considerable time to prison; and a second trial. Most of us are in bad shape in this country, if we are simply accused of a crime.

Some people didn’t like that he got away, mainly those with TV broadcast stations, so I and many others had to sit through years of whining how he was guilty, and the system doesn’t convict enough guilty Black people. TV ‘news’ tends to repeat itself, a usual trait of propaganda. In the meantime, the same people basically ignore a more disturbing travesty of justice, when Scooter Libby is convicted of a major felony, but is set free. Yep, in Scooter’s case, unlike O.J.’s – the jury found him Guilty. Scooter may have made money in the deal too – because his defense fund collected over $5 million, perhaps more than his fine ($250,400) and attorney costs. His livelihood is fine.

Now O.J. is back in the news, arrested again, and we will have to hear more crap about how the system is tilted towards celebrities. Well it is tilted, against the majority of the American population. Sometimes the system allows a guilty person to go free, but – more than any other country, the system puts average citizens behind bars. When I hear about O.J., I think about the many innocent people the system has put in prison, and how to give strength to their weak voices.



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