April 8, 2009

Women’s Bathroom Secrets Revealed

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So guys, how about that game last night and power drills, tools grout… Ok, good!  Now all women have left us alone, we men can discuss a big puzzling problem we all have with women.  How do they possibly go through all those rolls of toilet paper?!?!?

always wear a fancy hat to church

always wear a fancy hat to church

I mean sure, I use toilet paper every few days or so – but every friggin week I am balancing the 64 giganto roll pack of butt softies around the market, knocking over cans right and left.  I can’t even see over the thing to check out cute women!  (maybe that’s their plan)   Women wonder why we buy so much chili?  It’s to have an excuse for carrying all that stool-sopping cotton rolls.

Oh, your Mom's cooking?  I'm prepared.

Oh, your Mom's cooking? I'm prepared.

Seriously, my girlfriend calls me up to give me this same update every couple days:

1. farting in bed is not as funny as you think it is

2. My Mom doesn’t like to be called willieMcGee, whatever that is.

3. we are out of toilet paper.

Well, here for you men, women’s dirty toilet paper secret finally revealed.  From a hidden bathroom video camera, this footage shows us what women secretly do in the bathroom!   Yes, the secret is out!  Warning, these videos are appalling!

A few (very) cool sites located while doing research for this post: Shape & Colour; Bridge & Tunnel Crowd; and Half-Pint Opinions.

November 7, 2008

Field cats

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Hope you enjoy these short videos as much as I did.  One shows cats trippin on catnip; the other shows ‘cats’ trippin on ‘catnip’.

May 30, 2008


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Goodkitties is the story of a cat crime family that came to America from the old country….

cat in boat KJ Rogers

My name is Henry the cat, call me Hankie.  I am quick, so it is my job to heist the loot.

cat steals fish sea

My cousin Jimmie sells the stuff on the black market.

cat sells fish market

If the competition heats up – we have to get tough – catstyle

cat pay money whack the dog

No open casket for you!

cat slaps dog hit

Stop working my side of the bed!

cats on bed hug strangle

The bodies started to pile up, when the heat come down.

cat bodies pile up in tissue box

cat dont worry i hide body

We had to lay low in Vegas for a while, with some company…

i has a butt purhaps ud like 2 pet it

If we act natural, nobody will be the wiser – but Pete kept flashing the high priced jewelry

cat gold bow head


cats in prison pinched cage

you killed a man i jus scratch sofa cat cage jail prison

For my crimes it was harsh punishment

lethal injection cat hyperdermic needle shot

Little kitties, learn from my story.  Study hard and do it right.

am postdoc now i has many money now cat cash

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