May 19, 2008

China still suffering from massive earthquake damage, needs support

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China earthquake bodies dead

The official death toll from the horrendous earthquake that hit China last week has reached 34,000 people, and is expected to rise past 50,000.  The estimated number of injured has surpassed 200,000 and there are still an about additional 100,000 missing.  All these estimated numbers have been reported by multiple news sources.

To put this dramatic figure in perspective: 3,000 people were killed in the sad WTC attacks and 2,388 were killed in the Pearl Harbor attacks.  Those 2 horrible events stunned us with sadness that still rocks us.   About ten times as many people have died in this recent earthquake than in those 2 events combined, underscoring how dramatic an event we are now suffering through.

Those injured and surviving this horrible event still need our help.  Surprisingly, and hopefully, people are still being pulled alive out of the rubble. Here is a photo of a 61 year old Chinese woman who survived 164 hours buried under rubble before being saved by rescue workers.

chinese earthquake victim 61 year old woman survived 164 hours alive

Additional help is needed in the form of: medicine, water and food, shelter and clothes, and other relief items.

Donations and relief help can be sent to the Red Cross through their website.

After giving to help these people, please think about preparing for a disaster and disaster-recovery in your area.

Unfotunately, my area is not well prepared for disasters.  The United States federal government has become disturbingly deficcient in: helping their citizens in need (see Hurricaine Katrina).  They have also weakened support of science that can help detect and prevent or brace for such disasters.

Support Chinese eartchquake victims at Red Cross.

Top photo of dead earthquake bodies wrapped in yellow sheets, via BBC.

March 13, 2008

Around the world.

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What is going on around the globe? Here is today’s news briefs:

The Wall Street Journal has reported that the NSA has continued its illegal wiretapping actions, even after congress explicitly told them it was illegal. The NSA collected and scanned all emails and phone calls for ‘strange’ activity and patterns. A reader somewhere wondered, “maybe the NSA has the missing White House emails.”

The BBC reports that China is accusing the United States of double standards on human rights, only ordering beef with broccoli.

Random visual poetry can be beautiful The most hypnotic website is up, flickrvision. The site takes photos uploaded to a public photo site, Flickr, and displays them one at a time – from all over the globe.

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