April 7, 2011

The Wieners Circle Chicago Restaurant adds abuse/humor to menu (NSFW language)

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In Chicago, a hotdog restaurant owner found out by accident that customers love to be abused, if it is funny.  Their restaurant, the Wieners Circle,  is now famous for the abuse they give out, and take in.  The following hilarious clips use NSFW language – do not watch if you are offended by naughty or racist language.

Dave Attel introduces us to the restaurant in Insomniac (great show from Comedy Central).

A man decides to use a different approach to ordering, leading to side-splitting guffaws.

Sure, The Wieners Circle has its critics, those who say it’s too much or waitresses will show their tops for money, and maybe the health code is not up to par.   I am still eager to visit and get my doggie on.


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September 3, 2008

Eggs, flour and sugar – Oh my!!! (NSFW?)

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I love cake – not in the traditional yummy way, but as an artistic medium.  They are colorful edible sand sculptures – beautiful yet temporary, a testimony to how fulfilling and fleeting is our life.  We spend all our time creating something beautiful and emotionally powerful, just to have someone come along and devour it.

Occasionally the shape of the cake and the frosting blobs will look like something familiar – maybe a pony or more often Walter Cronkite.   What you see in the cake reflects your personality, like in clouds or Rorschach inkblot.   What you see in the cake depends on your own mind – if you see something kind and happy, you are a pleasant happy person.  If you see impending death in a cake, you need either a therapist or a blank canvas.  If you think you may have a disturbed mind that sees gross things everywhere (even in flour and water), stop reading now.  This post is about extreme cakes.

After I saw a cake that looked like kitty litter, I had to search to see how far dessert chefs will go to shock.  Pretty far, it turns out. Here, for your own amusement, are some photos of cakes in which I saw something.  Remember, these are all just flour, eggs, sugar, and other standard cake items.  If you see something disturbing, it is only because you have an evil depraved anti-God mind.

This first one looks like American icon, Porky Pig smiling – if you look closely enough (anyway, that is what I see.  What do you see?)

mystery cake #1. Porky Pig?

mystery cake #1. Mmm pumpkin sauce

I hope Disney doesn’t sue over this cake that looks a little like Mickey Mouse.

Mickey Mouse Cake

Mickey Mouse Cake

Looking around I see many cakes that look like Richard Nixon, our beloved President who illegally invaded Cambodia to put Pol Pot back in charge.

Big Dick Nixon

Big Dick Nixon

This is cool, a cake made to look like rats eating a dead arm.  This one may be intentional.

Eat the rats eating the arm, and the arm

Eat the rats eating the arm, and the arm

Now this cake is really gross, I think they use apples, which I do not like in my cake.  Only click on the thumbnail if you have a very strong stomach and are over age 85!  Seriously, don’t do it, I beg of you.

how has your life changed because of the internet

how has your life changed because of the internet

Baby cake!  This is perfect for a party for people on a diet – nobody dares eat the first slice!

baby cake

baby cake

Only kids will eat this next cake.  Well, kids and dogs.

kitty litter cake

kitty litter cake

Here is a cake of some political figure.  I love romantic wedding cakes.

bed and breakfast

bed and breakfast

Occasionally women will share a dessert, like a cupcake, to reduce calories.  Wanting a photo of this to show my point, I did a search for ‘2 girls, 1 cup cake’.  Boy was I surprised!

two girls one cup cake

two girls one cup cake

The combination of med students and Halloween can produce quite a treat, as seen here with a thoracic cavity cake and obligatory brain cake.

thoracic cavity cake

thoracic cavity cake

brain cake, right out of the cook/text-book

brain cake, right out of the cook/text-book

Can’t wait?  Yep, dessert is coming!

can't wait until the cake is out of the box to eat it

can't wait until cake is out of the box?

However, the most questionable cake I could find – the one I couldn’t imagine the reason to create (even after it was explained) is the Chinese Lotus (bound) foot cake.  Apparently this was created for a podiatrist.

Chinese Lotus foot bound cake

Chinese Lotus foot bound cake

Well, that’s it for now.  I hope curbed your appetite for cake, and quenched your appetite for art.  Get cooking!

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Flikr, again

and again, Flikr


March 19, 2008

Human Poverty Index, U.S. ranking

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The United Nation Development Program (UNDP) produces a report on human development around the world.  Included in this report is the Human Poverty Index (HPI), that provides information on poverty.  The HPI that is used for countries with high human development, including the United States, is the HPI2, consisting of 4 aspects:

1) Probability at birth of not surviving to age 60;

2) Adult literacy rate;

3) Long-term unemployment; and

4)  Population (%) living below 50% of the median income.

The United States is ranked 17th out of 19 countries ranked using HPI2 (the 2 countries that had worse scores are Italy and Ireland).   The United States are the worst of this group in 2 categories: 1. survival rate to age 60; and 4. people living below 50% of the median income.  We, as a country, have to do better in keeping our people healthy and in better life situations.

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