June 8, 2009

WordPress ‘error’ decreases website stats (hit totals and rates)

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Many thanks to everybody who alerted me to the recent WordPress error in calculating the number of site hits.  I feel I should notify my readers regarding the extent of the issue, as far as I am aware.

1. Last month, there appeared a sudden significant drop in the total cumulative number of hits for my and other WordPress blog sites. My cumulative number of hits dropped by over 10,000 in one day.  This error has affected many, if not all, of WordPress blogs.  The total number of hits has not yet been replenished.

2. Additionally, the rate of hits (number per day) dropped even more significantly in my and other sites.   My rate dropped by 80% in one day, at the same time the significant rate decreased for many other, if not all, of WordPress blogs.  The rate has not returned to normal since that day.

3. WordPress has acknowledged the error that coincided with a programming change, but has not provided any further information to the numerous attempts to contact them, other than the inaccurate message “issue is fixed”.

4. Currently, I do not know if this error will ever be fixed or if the cumulative number of hits and hit rate will be replenished.  Also, I do not know the actual reason for the change – perhaps a programming error not caught by standard checks or inaccurately adjusted due to advertising changes.

5. This is the first ‘major’ problem I have experienced with WordPress, and they have a good reputation within their own forums – leading me to expect a positive resolution to this problem.  However, it has been a month since they were first notified of the error, and we have yet to receive any subastantive response or resolution.

If you look at your own or others WordPress site hits, please note that the number of hits is artificially low.  If you plan on obtaining a WordPress account, you may want to wait until this issue is fixed.

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