April 24, 2008

Idiocracy, fact or fiction: baseball bans water

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Idiocracy Brawndo drink food pyramid consumer corporate

In Idiocracy, a film parody of today’s American consumer corporate culture, future civilization cannot sustain vegetation due to the replacement of all water with a Gatorade like substance.  Apparently Bud Selig, MLB, and Gatorade are taking a major step in that direction, according to a news report. The New Jersey Star Ledger is reporting that Major League Baseball has banned all bottled water from the dugout, and threatened to extend the ban to the clubhouse if there is any violation.  Gatorade has neither sugar-free nor any ‘natural’ product.

When asked for a comment, baseball’s commissioner Bud Selig said, ‘uh it’s got like electrolytes or something.  Hey!  Whycome you no got tattoo?’

Gatorade or penis

Gatorade or penis looks like penis

Bud Selig moron baseball gatorade

October 15, 2007

Bob’s Your Uncle

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Bob Harris is the author of “Prisoner of Trebekistan”, a book with glowing reviews. I don’t mean that the subject of the book is ‘glowing reviews’. I mean that people who read the book and wrote about the experience, said really nice things, which I am told means they acclaimed the book critically – only more acclaiming than criticizing. There, that happened. I haven’t read the book, but based on his other writings, I plan to buy and read it soon – although not necessarily in that order (the bookstore has comfy chairs).

Anyway, Bob Harris has a website that has some of his other excellent work, including a succinct critique (and not the acclaimed way) of the mainstream PR-media. Please take a look at the cartoon, in the bottom of the post on this page. If this isn’t the best cartoon you see today, then please send me the link to the better ones.

Oh the picture at the top of this post has nothing to do with Bob Harris. It is from the movie ‘Idiocracy‘, representing the future McDonald’s style touchpad seen when the main character enters the hospital. Since I am going to the Dr today, I am anticipating he will ask, “whycome you don’t got no tattoo?”

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