March 18, 2011

Glenn Greenwald presentation on journalism today

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Glenn Greenwald, well respected journalist, constitutional attorney, and best selling author gave an informative speech in New Mexico on March 8 2011.  I highly recommend listing to the speech and follow-up Q&A period despite the length (combined approx 90 minutes).

Presentation here, through Lannan Podcasts.  Q&A here with long time journalist, David Barsamian is here.

You can pre-order Glenn Greenwald’s next book through Amazon here.



Art by great street artist Banksy.  Check out some of his art at ResourcesforLife or his web page.

August 19, 2007

Never selling out and Buy Player’s Navy Cut Cigarettes, full of Protein!

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All of the comments I have received from my articles have been insightful, delightful, and even igniteful (ok so not a word, don’t be spiteful), even the comment about my passionate love of ice cream, but I think that was just my direct quote. So ‘two heads are better than one’, as Ray Milland would say, or better: democracy is not a spectator sport. As an example of the insightful comments, here is part of a comment from Vicky Bullettes, who writes, in part, about my list of questions for presidential candidates:

“I think number 6 is the most important thing on your list. I remain appalled by what I do know about the way corporations gained the rights of people through the courts. I’d like to learn more. Undo this application of the law, and I believe a number of the other items on your list would at least begin to take care of themself.

How can we get these issues addressed though? I still remember how the candidates shut down the discussion back in 2000 by banding together to deny Nader the right to debate.”

In general, #6 deals with corporate control over everyday society. I think Vicky very well sums up the frustrations with Americans who feel impotent, and, through polls and voter turnout, people do appear to feel this way. I think the answer to this, can be summed up in this quote:

“He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future.” George Orwell

America has a rich tradition of individual and groups of people able to make great changes in society. This important and interesting history is never shown in schools or on the history channels. I never saw a stamp devoted to Emma Goldman. Even the recent past, such as the popular struggles of the 1960’s, where large groups of people banded together to successfully fight oppression, is now labeled as a failure only about drug use and craziness.

As a youngster, I was completely disgusted with History as a class subject, my least enjoyable, until I started to read the interesting and inspiring records of those individuals and groups who fought for their rights, and won. Suddenly I found myself reading about History in my own time. As Public Enemy says, “it’s History, not his story”. As recommended reading, People’s History of the U.S., by Howard Zinn.

When I started to read these historical accounts, I realized something. Nothing is new and nothing is permanent. What we think is a situation so bleak and controlled that nothing could overcome it, there have been many bleaker situations  that were overcome. Let us not forget, or waste, the efforts of those who fought for women’s right to vote, or blacks’ right to vote, or worker’s rights or Gay and Lesbian rights. The amount of energy and suffering that went into achieving the 8 hour work day, make it more upsetting that we, as a country, are trending towards longer work hours for less wage. None of these people had any tool available to them as powerful as the internet. The timing is also right for a change, as most people are dissatisfied with leadership’s ability to help its citizens (see care, health or Katrina for examples).

Even in South Park’s movie, when the children felt oppressed and powerless to stop the anti-censorship war and unjust executions, they organized using the internet. There is no way that this government can compete with gigantic amounts of people rising up to challenge them. They never have and never could.

The leaders are very aware of the power of the internet, which is why they spend so much effort and money to attack it, saying it is a danger to our children or trying to pass laws to turn it into a shopping mall. They know that soon the people will figure out that they can start their own political party, if they want, and win elections. Right now the American people dislike Bush, and dislike the Democrats whom they elected to stand up to Bush, and dislike how the large corporations are governing. So let’s start an internet party, for the people by the people. I am sure we will have no problems finding the needed funding, once the idea reaches its tipping point. Many countries have a vested interest in dumping Bush’s administration, and we are able to contact them instantaneously. This can work, and this will work, if the people want it.

So today, I hereby start the first eParty, to run candidates for all elections. Next step, is to begin a platform.

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