April 20, 2014

OOTP 15 Released April 2014 : A Step Into The Future

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Out of the Ballpark 15 is being released tomorrow for the 2014 Baseball season.
Available April 2014 for the Windows, Mac, Linux, and iOOTP15 for the iPhone OS.

Order from the Official OOTP 15 website here : OOTP Store

Cost : $39.99

Review tl;dr – OOTP 15 is a must-buy baseball simulation


Last week I was in my Heaven, freezing at Yankee Stadium on Opening Week 2014.  Parking was $34.  Two beers and 2 hotdogs, also $34.  Tickets were over $200 per person. About $300 per fan for 3 hours of pure entertainment and 2 hours stuck in stadium traffic.  Was it worth it?  To me and 45,000 other fans, ‘Hell Yes!’

Baseball doesn’t have to be expensive. For $39.99 you can immerse yourself into baseball with the new OOTP 15.  The software comes with full 2014 MLB and Minor league rosters.  Sitting in Yankee Stadium, I didn’t know enough to tell you who was in their minor leagues.  Heck, I didn’t know who Dean Anna was, and he was subbing for Derek Jeter!  Now, after one day with OOTP 15, I can tell you the strengths and weaknesses of the AA Trenton team.  For I am in complete control of the entire Yankee organization.

OOTP 15 is much smoother than its predecessor, OOTP 14.  Once I was able to get used to the updates in customization and design, I was speeding around the entire league looking for anything like a released player or a 17 year old Dominican prospect that could give me even a slight advantage in winning a championship.  Which superfluous prospects can I trade for bullpen help?  I know.  Anyone want to take Ben Gamel off my hands?

Cam Derek Jeter stay healthy all season?  Will I retire Jeter’s #2 at the end of the season or convince him to not retire?

derek jeter a respected leader

derek jeter a respected leader


am I the only Gosuke Katoh fan in the world?

am I the only Gosuke Katoh fan in the world?


As usual for the OOTP releases, the updates are both significant and subtle.

This OOTP 15 edition will bring new 3D visuals to the game playing arena.  The 3D aspect was unavailable in the pre-release version I am using.

The improved visuals for differing screen resolutions are extremely useful for me, as I can more fully enjoy OOTP 15 at home and on the road.

The excellent new ratings system is superb, as is the entire updated AI system.  The improvements to online leagues and historical leagues are significant.

More details on the improvements to this edition of OOTP, see this newsletter.

If you don’t use OOTP 15 you aren’t a serious baseball fan.  As magnificent as OOTP was, OOTP 15 is an imperative upgrade.

opening day at Yankee Stadium.

opening day at Yankee Stadium.

I’ll see you at the online OOTP 15 league ballpark.*


*you are responsible for your own beer and hotdogs

October 7, 2008

MLB clutch performances: pennant races 2008

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young Manny Ramirez rookie card

young Manny Ramirez rookie card

With one third of the baseball season left to play, the L.A. Dodgers picked up one of the greatest hitters to ever play the game, Manny Ramirez.  Manny was simply Manny over the playoff run, hitting an incredible: .396 ave 17 HR 53 RBI 1.232 OPS over 53 games, leading the Dodgers into the playoffs.

Here are some other notable hitting performances during the stretch run (August 1st to end of season):

Denard Span: Twins: 46 runs in 55 games

Ichiro Suzuki: 77 hits in 54 games, 1805 hits in American MLB career

Dustin Pedroia:  in 50 Games, 22 doubles, 40 runs, .353 ave., .585 slg.  Bosox were only 2.5 games ahead of Yanks on Aug. 1.

Miguel Cabrera: Tigers 18 HRs

Jimmy Rollins: 21 SB, 2 CS

Carlos Pena: 13 HRs, 52 BB – helped Tampa Bay to their 1st playoff ever.

Melvin Mora: .388 ave, .657 slg.  Trading Melvin Mora cost the Mets more playoff appearances than trading Tom Seaver!  Speaking of the Mets:

Carlos Beltran: .322 ave with 16 D and 12 HR

Ryan Church: .219 with 2 HR.  ugh!

Miguel Tejada: 18 GIDP in 52 Games! Take that, Jim Rice!  This did not prevent the Astros from achieving the best record in baseball over this stretch, 35-18.  On August 1, only half game separated the Astros and the Pirates.

Melvin Mora swan dances for the Mets.

Melvin Mora swan dances for the Mets.

photos via HomeRunCards and Creative Loafing.

April 12, 2008

MLB and MLBPA revise performance enhancing drug testing policy agreement

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Barry Bonds before and after

Major League Baseball (MLB) and the Major League Baseball Player’s Association (MLBPA) announced an agreement on an update to their drug policy.  The agreements include some provacative aspects:

a) The increase of the number of drug tests in the agreement includes people represented by neither the monopoly, MLB nor the Player’s Assn.  Specifically, 200 players each year eligible for the amateur baseball draft will be asked to take a drug test.  If they refuse, they will be barred from MLB.

b) MLB is assuring that all drug test results, inlcuding positive ones, will be kept confidential until punishment is announced.  Since MLB has broken similar confidentiality promises in the past, leading to public knowledge of test results, such as Barry Bonds’ – the presumption is that the new independent program administrator will have this reposnibility.

c) No player from the Mitchell Report will be disciplined.  The suspensions handed out to a couple players have been removed.  Additionally, all players who are to be punished will have an opportunity to have their case heard by an independent arbitrator.  How this will affect Barry Bonds, who it is widely speculated to have been blackballed from MLB for past association with steroid allegations, is unknown.

A few more notes on Bonds: It is a reasonable assumption that Barry Bonds has been blackballed this season.  Actually, I know of no more reasonable explanation for why Barry Bonds is not playing baseball now.  Consider:

1) Barry Bonds is still one of the best offensive players in baseball.  Last season, he created over 10 runs per 27 outs last season, leading the major leagues.

2) Barry Bonds has shown a desire to play, has said he is in shape, and he and his agent implied that salary is not an issue.

3) His age is not an issue for a single year contract.  The top 10 players at the same age as Bonds was last year all played the next season, except for Bonds and Stan Musial – who retired.  The Toronto Blue Jays currently have 2 40 year old hitters on their roster.

4) Other arguments just do not seem reasonable.  Let’s go through some, and see how they fit with Seattle Mariners as an example, because they have a weaker hitting DH, Jose Vidro (currently hitting .128).  Personality: they signed Carl Everett to be their DH in 2006.  Defense is irrelevant at DH. The unfounded perjury charges have been dropped against Bonds, so no concerns there for this season.

Additionally, it was the CEO of the Mariners (Howard Lincoln) who emphatically stated he would not sign Barry Bonds in any scenario he could imagine, “No, no, no!”  In prior baseball decisions, he deflected to his GM Bill Bavasi.  Example: when asked about heated internal discussions about Freddie Garcia between the manager and GM, Lincoln stated, “I’m not really the baseball guy on that. My cloudy recollection was that there was a debate on the baseball side about Garcia. A healthy debate. In the end, Bill made the right decision, by involving a number of people, including Melvin.”   This states very clearly that Lincoln does not make the baseball decisions, the baseball people do that.  So when he makes a strong decision on Barry Bonds, I guess it isn’t a baseball decision to Lincoln.

Let’s hope MLB lives up to the agreement they just signed and allows Barry Bonds a fair chance to play baseball in this country.

major league baseball monopoly game

April 7, 2008

Can the Detroit Tigers turn around their slow start?

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Ee-Yah!  Hughie Jennings Detroit Tigers.

The Detroit Tigers have been one of baseball’s most successful teams over the past 2 seasons, winning 183 games and one league championship.  This past offseason, they got stronger, adding peak performing Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis to their already very strong lineup and pitching staff.  Many experts predicted the playoffs for the 2008 Tigers. Instead, the Tigers have started the season 0-6, the Tigers first 6 game losing streak since 2005.  Can they turn it around, or are they really this bad a team?

After looking at the evidence, I believe that luck is the major contributor to the Tigers’ poor start, and they can turn it around.  Here is the evidence pointing to a possible turnaround:

1) Tigers have slightly outperformed their record.  Their expected won/loss based on their run differential is 1-5, rather than 0-6 – and that is skewed by one blowout loss.

2) A team can lost 6 in a row and make the playoffs.  Just last season, the Yankees lost 7 in a row at one point – but ended up winning 94 games and making the playoffs.

3) Their runs allowed (39) are due, to a large part, by luck.  Only 62% of base runners have been left on base, by far the worst in the league.  An average performance could result in 10 fewer runs.

4) Their batting .149 with runners in scoring position (RISP). This also will improve due to regression to the mean.

5) Their underperforming players can reasonably be expected to perform much better over the course of the season.  Cabrera and Ordonez have been horrible this season, but were expected to be MVP candidates and have been in th past.  Six poor games does not change that.  The pitcher’s have been walking too many, also reasonably expected to improve based on anticipated performance.

I fully expect the 2008 Tigers to get back into the pennant race, if they keep their confidence.  Six games is too small a number to make a significant conclusion.  Don’t write them out just yet.


March 31, 2008

Opening Day, Yank it!

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shades of Yankee stadium

Today is the official Major League Baseball opening day for the 2008 season, one of the biggest American holidays.

Right now I am looking across the foggy Hudson River at the rain drenched Yankee Stadium, where the opening day baseball game between the New York Yankees and Toronto Blue Jays has just been canceled.   Many years ago I sat in that Yankee Stadium with my Dad, in the middle of a near race riot between loud Dominican Toronto Blue Jays fans and angry loud New York Yankee fans.

Back then, over a dozen years ago, the Blue Jays had become successful by pioneering the scouting and signing of world class Dominican baseball talent, like Tony Fernandez, Jorge Bell, and Juan Guzman.  New York has a large Dominican population, who all seemed to be at the ballpark that day… in one section… with many small, and one very large, Dominican flag, which they waived mightily in appreciation of anything a Dominican born Blue Jay did.   This actually made the game more enjoyable and was not bothering anybody, at least until the Blue Jays took the lead and the Yankee fans got drunker.  Pretty soon, my Dad and I found ourselves surrounded by drunk Yankee fans screaming, ‘Burn that flag! Burn that flag!”  Never a dull moment at Yankee stadium.


I recall sitting in  the left field stands long ago, also with my Dad in Yankee Stadium, while Sweet Lou Piniella used his glove, and part of his stocky body, to turn a routine single into a double.  An angry Yankee fan ran to the edge of the stands and yelled surely over 100 decibels, “Lou!  Loooo Piniella!  Looo F’n Piniella!  How dare you play for the greatest city in the world!!!”  I am certain Lou heard, but just turned his back.

sweet lou piniella yankee

My father recently passed away, and soon too will the old Yankee Stadium.   Major league baseball games are being broadcast today in high definition and baseball is beautiful in high definition. I recommend that everybody fill their pockets full of snacks and food, cracker jacks, peeps, and candy.  Fill your jacket with hogies, heros, hotdogs, and grinders.  Then go to your local mall or tv outlet and watch opening day games on their gigantic high definition sets.  Share your food with the salesmen and the other ‘customers’.  Security guards and Policemen also love to eat and watch opening day, so share with them.  Have a great time!  It’s F’n opening day!


Mrs. Lou Gerhig and Mrs. Babe Ruth

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