April 13, 2009

A bad day for my childhood innocence

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This afternoon I learned three icons from my childhood died.

Marilyn Chambers, Harry Kalas, and Mark Fidrych have all very sadly passed away at young ages.

Marilyn Chambers was the first mainstream adult movie star of my awareness.  I have never seen any of her movies, but she was on TV, written up in newspapers, and even had a hit disco single (No nudity in this video, but it’s very suggestive).  Marilyn Chambers was only 56.

Harry Kalas was the voice of the Phillies as long as I can remember, and had the most memorable voice in Sports.  I still get chills when I hear his voice, bringing me back to when Dave Cash and Greg Luzinski were my heroes.  Harry Kalas was only 73.

Harry Kalas (on right) with Richie Ashburn

Harry Kalas (on right) with Richie Ashburn

Mark Fidrych died in an apparent accident, at age 54.  Mark was a star sensation in 1976, about which I recently wrote in this article.

These three icons will be missed by all their adoring fans.  My heartfelt condolences go out to their families.  Hopefully they will gain some solace realizing the joy their loved ones spread to millions in their shining past.

At least Abe Vigoda and Mason Reese are still with us.

Mason Reese was a big star.  no really.

Mason Reese was a big star. no really.


The video for Marilyn Chambers’ Benihana was apparently removed (thanks to Marcy for the alert).  I was able to find a replacement clip with the song, but for some odd reason the video refers to serial killers.  Perhaps even more disturbing is that I now sing along with Marilyn.

November 21, 2008

The true cost of Hollywood movie ‘piracy’

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Mickey Mouse arrested

Mickey Mouse arrested

Today, the New York Times published a chart of annual DVD sales, going back to 1997.  The data was obtained from the Digital Entertainment Group, details here.   The astonishing fact from this chart is the gigantic rise in DVD sales over the past 12 years.

In 1997, when people were already Googling their favorite movies, 5.8 Million DVD’s were sold.  Since then, 10,000 million were sold (10 billion).  According the this data, almost 300 times as many DVD’s are sold in 2008 than in 1997.  The MPAA (Disney, Sony, Viacom, Fox, Universal, and Warner Bros) has never been in better shape.

As a disclaimer, I should tell you what is NOT included in these numbers:

1) Money collected through 12 years of tracking, harassing, spying, and suing of their constituents.

2) The profits from movie theater box offices, which continue to rise over the same 12 years, despite crappy recycled movie themes.

3) Obscene profits from control of television broadcasts by the MPAA (Disney, Sony, Viacom, Fox, Universal, and Warner Bros)

4) Money spent to pressure congress to pass laws giving the MPAA (Disney, Sony, Viacom, Fox, Universal, and Warner Bros) more money and power.

5) The dire financial situation of people from whom the MPAA (Disney, Sony, Viacom, Fox, Universal, and Warner Bros) has greedily pirated money.

Iz Dizznee, gimme booty!

Iz Dizznee, gimme booty!

Cinderella, Mickey Mouse, and Peter Pan arrested at Disney

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