June 5, 2012

Ten basketball and bathroom terms

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Top 10 basketball/bathroom terms

10.  behind the back dribble
9.   give and go
8.   bounced between the legs
7.   3-footer
6.   finger roll
5.   putback
4.   back court violation
3.   air ball
2.   flagrant foul
1.   floater

May 7, 2012

Dallas Mavericks players vote ‘no playoff share’ for Lamar Odom

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The Dallas Mavericks players, who were swept out of the NBA first round playoffs, decided not to give any of the money they received to Lamar Odom.  But exactly how much credit should Lamar receive for the Mavs barely making the playoffs?

Dallas Mavs’ record this season:

with Lamar Odom 31-19

without Odom 5-15


The players are being petty by not voting a share of the money to Lamar Odom.


no, I’m not really sure which Kardashian I married


October 7, 2008

MLB clutch performances: pennant races 2008

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young Manny Ramirez rookie card

young Manny Ramirez rookie card

With one third of the baseball season left to play, the L.A. Dodgers picked up one of the greatest hitters to ever play the game, Manny Ramirez.  Manny was simply Manny over the playoff run, hitting an incredible: .396 ave 17 HR 53 RBI 1.232 OPS over 53 games, leading the Dodgers into the playoffs.

Here are some other notable hitting performances during the stretch run (August 1st to end of season):

Denard Span: Twins: 46 runs in 55 games

Ichiro Suzuki: 77 hits in 54 games, 1805 hits in American MLB career

Dustin Pedroia:  in 50 Games, 22 doubles, 40 runs, .353 ave., .585 slg.  Bosox were only 2.5 games ahead of Yanks on Aug. 1.

Miguel Cabrera: Tigers 18 HRs

Jimmy Rollins: 21 SB, 2 CS

Carlos Pena: 13 HRs, 52 BB – helped Tampa Bay to their 1st playoff ever.

Melvin Mora: .388 ave, .657 slg.  Trading Melvin Mora cost the Mets more playoff appearances than trading Tom Seaver!  Speaking of the Mets:

Carlos Beltran: .322 ave with 16 D and 12 HR

Ryan Church: .219 with 2 HR.  ugh!

Miguel Tejada: 18 GIDP in 52 Games! Take that, Jim Rice!  This did not prevent the Astros from achieving the best record in baseball over this stretch, 35-18.  On August 1, only half game separated the Astros and the Pirates.

Melvin Mora swan dances for the Mets.

Melvin Mora swan dances for the Mets.

photos via HomeRunCards and Creative Loafing.

October 5, 2008

Phillies bounce Brewers, move to NLCS vs. Dodgers

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garry maddox Philadelphia Phillies

garry maddox Philadelphia Phillies

Just minutes ago, the Philadelphia Phillies beat the Milwaukee Brewers in 4 games to win their first playoff series since 1993, and move on to the NLCS.

The Phillies face the Los Angeles Dodgers for the 4th time ever in MLB Playoff history.  From 1976-1978, the Phillies won 292 games in 3 years, but did not get to the World Series – losing to the Dodgers twice and the Reds once.  In 1983 the Phils beat the Dodgers before losing to the Orioles in the World Series.

This NLCS promises to be a classic, pitting East Coast vs. West Coast, and old Joe Torre fans vs. Joe Torre old fans.  Go Phillies!

Greg Luzinski Philadelphia Phillies 1977 all star game

Greg Luzinski Philadelphia Phillies 1977 all star game

Pics from Baseball Fever and Bronx Banter at Baseball Toaster.

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