July 17, 2008

Obama Sponsored Bill is Anti-Women

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Barack Obama superman

Barack Obama superman

This post is part of another yet-unpublished article I wrote on Barack Obama that deserves to stand on its own.  I wanted to know Obama’s stance on Women’s rights and issues.  Where to look?  I figured everything he did and said over the past couple years is mainly to get elected President, so if I were to find the truth – I would need to find a Bill he sponsored before he ran for President.

And I found one, an Obama Illinois State Bill from 2003 that was glorified in the press as supremely Pro-Women.  So I read the Bill – every word.  What I found was that this Obama sponsored Bill is intentually harmful to Women who have been victims of discrimination.

Republican Neo-cons hate Woman’s rights. Abortion, equal rights, feminism – all of it.  The strongest example provided for Obama’s support of Woman’s rights, is the Illinois State Bill he sponsored in 2003, called the Equal Pay Act.  This Bill was and is touted as a strong Bill to provide equal pay to women for the same job, basically.

When I read the actual text of the Bill, I found something different and very disturbing.  The Bill is similar to prior laws in that it is illegal to discriminate due to sex and the victim can recover past due salary and legal fees.  Then it amazingly caps the punitive amount to be recovered at $2,500!  Prior to this Bill, if a woman was discriminated against by an employer, the company was libel for punitive damages accessed through civil court.  This Obama Bill caps that amount at $2,500 – regardless of the severity of the sex discrimination.  Here is the quote from the actual Bill drafted by Obama, section 30(c):

“Any employer who violates any provision of this Act
or any rule adopted under the Act is subject to a civil
penalty not to exceed $2,500 for each violation for each
employee affected.”

Claiming a Bill is for Women or children, when it actually is to save money for large companies who violate the law and their female employees, is true Neo-con Republican sliminess.  Sorry, Obama – you get a big evil Archie Bunker check when in comes to the ladies.

Photo from Vote for Breakfast.

Edit: Based on some of the hate mail I have received, the main point here seems to have missed a few Obama supporters.  Prior to this ‘Punitive Damages Cap Bill’ Obama introduced, if a woman was discrimnated against because of her sex – it would be illegal and she could sue for damages and unlimited punitive damages.  After this Bill, the same acts are illegal, but the victim can only receive up to $2,500 above damages.   This Bill saves companies money by reducing their payments to victims and having a lower negotiation settling point.  The Bill hurts women in the workplace because the drastic reduction in punishment makes discrimination occur more frequently, and more likely the victim will have to endure a lengthly case with less recovery.  This has been a long ongoing struggle by large companies to reduce the power of courts and juries to punish them for illegal acts, and they are fortunate to have Obama in their pockets – because he is a charming intellectual speaker.

April 23, 2008

New York Knicks have opportunity to fill their need for a new head basketball coach, and restore image

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Knicks team Phil Jackson Clyde Glide Frazier

The New York Knicks finally removed Isiah Thomas as their head coach and President after 4.5 years of dreadfully embarrassing performance.  They now have an excellent opportunity to recover the good image they once owned, and that opportunity is to hire a woman head basketball coach, like Tennessee’s Pat Summitt, to coach their team.

Knicks fan first amendment constitution ejected fire isiah sign

For those of us that recall the prestige of the Knicks from the 1970’s, Isiah’s reign was the most destructive.  It is no accident that intellectual artists like Woody Allen and Spike Lee are Knickerbocker fans, as the old image encompassed dignity, intellectualism, togetherness, and spiritualism.  The Knicks of that time won with high level intellectual discussions from the likes of Bill Bradley and Phil Jackson about politics, philosophy, and deep books.  Walt ‘Clyde’ Frazier had an air of smooth yet flashy dignity in the way he dressed and spoke.  The team’s coach, Red Holzman, was a quiet dignified man, who rode the train home after games, and drank a glass of tea with his wife before he went to bed.  Those Knicks teams won because they played together selflessly, for the good of the team, without losing their love of each other and individualism.

Those days are gone, and the Isiah reign gave the Knicks an image of shame, sexism, and racism.  Not only did Isiah’s teams lose, but they also sacrificed the future to do so – by adding large long-term contracts.  Isiah was sued and found guilty of sexual discrimination, in a trial that revealed apparent rampant sexist corruption in MSG.   Isiah, in deposition, claimed that it is less offensive when a Black man calls a woman a ‘bitch’.

Stephon Marbury sex scandel limo Knicks

The Knicks fans, obviously bitter about the state of the team, demanded Isiah be removed from his position.  Instead, Isiah was given a new long term contract and the fans were attacked by Knicks representatives.  Fans were abused by the team for posting signs of ‘Fire Isiah’.  Right now, the Knicks have a horrible image that they need to address with more than just an attempt to improve the team’s won/loss record. It will take tremendous effort to bring back their image, but I think it can be done.

The best and only way for the Knicks to retrieve their image would be to hire a top female head coach, like Pat Summitt from Tennessee.  Here are the benefits to such a move:

  1. The Knicks will go from appearing as the most sexist team, to the team working hardest and most honestly for woman’s rights
  2. All women, and men like me, who are intolerant of sexism will be able to root for the Knicks.
  3. Woman will finally be able to get their reasonable chance to move into the NBA
  4. Even the most sexist Knicks fans will stay Knicks fans, if they were stubborn enough to remain through Isiah’s reign.
  5. If the players do not want to play for a woman (not an issue IMO), these current ones are expendable.
  6. David Stern claims to want to expand the NBA market.  Let’s see how serious he is.
  7. The NBA and MSG’s market and profit will increase tremendously.  This decision will make money and dollars, to put it in crude business terms.
  8. No doubt the press of hiring the first female basketball coach will make people forget Isiah’s horrible actions very quickly.
  9. There is absolutely NO reason why a female cannot coach as well as a man.  If one of the best female coaches is chosen, the Knicks could have a real find.
  10. Pat Summitt and any other top level female coach would presumably jump at the chance to help their sport and gender in such a way

I see no downside to such an action for the Knicks or the NBA.  If the Knicks do not move in this direction, but instead hire someone like Mark Jackson or some old coach, they are not serious about winning back the fans – and they deserve to continue to be boo’d, boycotted and criticized.  In fact, it would underscore their blatant sexist behavior.

Jim Dolan and Donnie Walsh – do the right thing for your company, shareholders, the people, and for the fans, hire Pat Summitt to be your next head coach.  It is the only way.

Pat Summitt women head coach University of Tennessee

Walt clyde glide frazier style

Update: The Knicks GM Donnie Walsh was asked about Pat Summitt as new head coach, if she contacted him: “would she stand a realistic chance of actually getting the job?

“No,” he said without elaborating”

Edited to correct spelling of Red Holzman.  Also note: Although there are references to Walt Frazier’s nickname ‘Clyde the Glide’, he was commonly referred to as simply ‘Clyde’ during his playing career.  Text has been updated to reflect the more commonly used nickname.  (thanks to anonymous reader who pointed these out in a different forum)

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