December 9, 2008

NHL abuses power: takes money from Sean Avery for innocuous comment

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Fantastic Four and their sloppy seconds

Fantastic Four and their sloppy seconds

Sean Avery, star Hockey player for the Dallas Stars made the following statement, resulting in at least $250,000 in profit by the NHL:

“I just wanted to comment on how it’s become like a common thing in the NHL for guys to fall in love with my sloppy seconds. I don’t know what that’s about. But, enjoy the game tonight.”

Based solely on that statement, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman announced that Sean Avery would be suspended for at least 6 games without salary and would have to undergo anger management evaluation.

Apparently the suspension is based entirely on the term ‘sloppy seconds’, which is not a particularly bad term or angry, particularly for a hockey player.  The phrase does not even make it into George Carlin’s list of impolite words (warning NSFW for bad language), which is over 2,000 words and phrases and includes terms like ‘crud’ and ‘dropping a load’.  Even the New York Times has been using the phrase for a while: here and all of a sudden they won’t.    If a term like ‘sloppy seconds’ uttered once is worth over $250,000 – what would a generally acknowledged ‘bad’ word like the f-word be worth?  Oh yeah, oops.  (6 months in prison for using the f-word)

Hockey accident.  puck in face, just missed my puckin eye

Hockey accident. puck in face, just missed my puckin eye

The NHL is using a common psychological tactic: if they can shift the argument to whether ‘sloppy seconds’ is worth over quarter million dollars, than psychologically people more readily accept that truly offensive phrases are worth more to the NHL.

This is such a bizarre attempt to create a  precedent that I would be shocked and disappointed if the Player’s Association did not file a grievance in support of Avery.  At no point did the NHL allege that they lost over $250,000 because of this statement, or that it was possible – let alone prove such a loss.  It does appear the NHL Player’s Assn is looking at their options, press release here.

As for me, I always loved hockey but during the lock-out canceled season I stopped paying attention.  I don’t know why people seem to love my sloppy seconds.

Bloom County is offended by your offensiveness

Bloom County is offended by your offensiveness

Fantastic Four, Thing wants Reed Richard’s sloppy seconds, the Fabulous Forums.

Hockey accident from Calgary Flames forum.

Bloom County, Hirhurim Musings.

May 14, 2008

O.J. withhold the Mayo

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OJ Mayo USC slam basketball nba

The NBA has a monopoly on the industry of professional basketball in the United States.  Attempted rival leagues (ABA, woman’s leagues, CBA) have been crushed by the NBA and no longer exist.  There is one very large American ‘amateur’ league, NCAA collegiate basketball.

Despite many billions of dollars in revenue from TV contracts, this college league is considered amateur because their main workers (players) do not get paid.  In fact, their revenue is higher because they will not allow the players to make money elsewhere, like selling clothes with their own name or sponsorships.  The players still do that work, but they cannot profit of it – their employers can.  These financial restrictions are illegal and immoral, by my understanding.

The NBA has always tried to keep the NCAA happy, and did so again last year by banning all players in their 1st year out of high school.  I need to repeat that fact because it is so astonishing how brazen they are about lawbreaking.  The NBA, using their monopoly, bans players who are of legal age from making any money in their chosen profession, solely based on age discrimination.  If this rule were around when many top players came out of high school to the NBA (Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, LeBron James, etc) it would have cost them millions of dollars, and would have risked much more for them.

This week, there have been allegations that OJ Mayo, one of the top High School basketball players prior to playing 1 season with USC (NCAA), may have only received $30,000 plus gifts while being a star ‘amateur’ basketball player – even though he would have made millions of dollars on the open market.

The NCAA and mainstream media are very angry that this young talented player, who made so much money for his employer, should make a little money.  Strangely missing from these arguments is that the NBA forced him illegally into this position, or that his pay was illegally restricted by a multi billion dollar enterprise, NCAA Basketball.   Insulting OJ only rubs it in.

I hope OJ Mayo sues the NBA and NCAA for the money they prevented him from earning.  Perhaps a class action lawsuit by all the top high school basketball players would be the trick to getting the players paid.  Then, after we hopefully win that, maybe we can work on all the grad students who make money for their schools through patents and research without appropriate payments.  It may not work, being right is unfortunately only a small part of the battle, but we won’t know until we try.

Demar DeRozan, BJ Mullens, Brandon Jennings, Al-Farouq Aminu, and the rest who have another year of high risk because of the NBA and NCAA -you may have to work now to recoup those potential losses.

April 24, 2008

Idiocracy, fact or fiction: baseball bans water

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Idiocracy Brawndo drink food pyramid consumer corporate

In Idiocracy, a film parody of today’s American consumer corporate culture, future civilization cannot sustain vegetation due to the replacement of all water with a Gatorade like substance.  Apparently Bud Selig, MLB, and Gatorade are taking a major step in that direction, according to a news report. The New Jersey Star Ledger is reporting that Major League Baseball has banned all bottled water from the dugout, and threatened to extend the ban to the clubhouse if there is any violation.  Gatorade has neither sugar-free nor any ‘natural’ product.

When asked for a comment, baseball’s commissioner Bud Selig said, ‘uh it’s got like electrolytes or something.  Hey!  Whycome you no got tattoo?’

Gatorade or penis

Gatorade or penis looks like penis

Bud Selig moron baseball gatorade

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